Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shoe Shop Interior Design | MOSTIP | Shiga | Japan | Eastern Design Office

Shoes are displayed on the big triangle. They are placed as if an invisible man is enjoying a moonwalk. An arrow tip shaped triangle is not floating, rather it is slightly touching on the ground with a tension as if it were to start moving.
One side of the entire wall is covered by a mirror, therefore the space seems enlarged twice, and the number of triangles may increase from two to three or four with the angle one looks into the space. Moreover, the big triangle will change its form into a diamond........more

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bookstore Interior Design | Tanum Karl Johan Bookstore | Oslo | Norway | Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter

Tanum Karl Johan is Oslo's oldest bookstore located on the city's main street. The project is a full renovation, which means completely tearing down the old interior. From having several floor levels, the store reappeared with all functions on one floor with a stronger visual relationship to the street and more rough materials to emphasize the physical appearance of the book.
The traditional green color of Tanum is continued into two shades; a dark green as a calm backdrop and the light green as a signal color. Elements from the Flag Ship Store at Karl Johan will give basis for other stores in the Tanum chain. The furniture is mobile and flexible, shaped to signalize actuality and be able to adapt to various actions and happenings at the store......more

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

School Interior Design | BSF Sheffield | Newfield and Talbot SEN School | UK | HLM Architects

" The interior design strategy had to meet the needs of both schools. Newfield desired a corporate environment, whilst certain areas within Talbot required a more informal, relaxed and domestic environment.

We achieved this by centering the scheme around a base palette of materials containing neutral tones, carried throughout both schools, enhanced in specific areas with departmental graphics, accent wall colours and floor designs. This forms an identity for departments and aids wayfinding for pupils, visitors and staff. The implementation of colour, imagery and simple lettering/numbering creates a wayfinding system that accounts for all users with a range of abilities......more

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bar Interior Design | OQO | London | Hawkins Brown

OQO was an entirely new concept in mixing Chinese dim sum with New York cocktails. A heady mix of supergraphics and superfood!
Mark Chan came to Jeremy Walker, at Hawkins\Brown, determined to make his dream of a cocktail bar selling dim sum a reality. We helped him find a site on Islington Green and introduced him to SEA Design. Together we developed a graphic identity of giant photographs of brightly-coloured vegetables spelling OQO. This campaign reached out across London, carried in advertisements in Time Out, Wallpaper Magazine, London Underground and bus shelters and brought a smart crowd to the restaurant.
OQO’s interiors were dark and mysterious, focusing on the brightly lit graphics, a shimmering bar and oriental seating..........more


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