Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shop Interior Design | Stylexchange | Sid Lee Architecture

Sid Lee created this new store concept to heighten Stylexchange’s position as Canada’s cutting-edge cult fashion boutique. True to the brand, this store feels like an innovative fashion playground...........more

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hair Salon Interior Design |Hession Salon | Vernon Avenue | Australia | ABGC Architecture and Design

This conversion Victuallers to Hair Salon, in conjunction with Kaye Rice Partnership Interior Design, pushes the ancillary spaces up or out, to create a single flowing space for the salon from front to back. At the shop front end we instated a curved glass corner and stripped the facade of a plethora of utility wiring to allow the Modernist Terrace to shine..........more

Monday, November 28, 2011

Loft Interior Design | The Rounded Loft | Prague | Czech Republic |A1 Architects

The issue of „boundless“ space became the main motif of our work. The private spaces such as bedrooms are ofcourse separated, but the rest of common activities rooms are connected within one fluent space. It starts at the entrance hall with dressing wardrobes and slightly continues towards living space and kitchen with large dining table, the space is also opened to upper gallery which is meant for guests.

To reach specific fluency of space we decided to round off some of the interior corners, which finally give the space its unique smooth character. Due to these softened corners one moves and feel simply free and the bounderies of walls somehow disappears.

Even the staircase with integrated fireplace and library climbs up in rounded corner. The railing is made out of thin stainless steel net, so it is safe but even smooth and transparent..........more

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Showroom Interior Design | Calleveinte | Mexico City | DCPP Arquitectos

Calleveinte is a decoration store situated in a shopping center on the second floor facing the street.
The project is located in high vehicular traffic street and responds to it as an urban sideboard. The ground floor works as this great sideboard to the exterior, at eye’s elevation and at the vehicle’s speed you can appreciate the ceiling and that is why its one of the subjects that the projects pretends to emphasize.

The ceiling is made of wooden beams in repetition giving the space a sense of depth and height as well as breaking its horizontallity and providing a certain rhythm.......more

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop Interior Design | Bruunz Bazaar | JDS Architects

Retail is an overcrowded sector of architecture. In that avalanche of expressions and beauty we set out to focus on basic aspects of architecture and fashion: our shops should express the particularities of genders, man and woman, and leave space for the ever-changing collections to unfold the essential representation of Bruuns Bazaar: its clothes........more

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hotel Interior Design | Lobby Bar | Hilton Hotel Beijing | China | Aedas

Aedas was commissioned to redesign the lobby bar, all day dining, level 2 bar and presidential suite of the Hilton Hotel Beijing as part of their refurbishment programme.

Introducing the concept of oriental art, both the all day dining and the bar at level 2 include traditional oriental elements. Upside down Chinese paper parasols can be found hanging from the ceiling in one area whilst in another cloud designs are implemented overhead. Simplified Chinese Screens have been used to separate the restaurant into smaller, more private dining areas.......more

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Club Interior Design | Garden Of Eden | Shanghai | China | Kokai Studio

The initial program developed by the owners was particularly challenging as the objective was to create a multifunctional venue suitable to different occasions and to compete on the dynamic and innovative night scene of Shanghai. Being provoked by the original briefing of a venue where mood, light and senses shift within one night we settled on the image of the Garden of Eden. Eden: the garden where Adam and Eve live peaceful in an overwhelming luxury of nature and colors. Eden: the paradise of temptation where the snake seduced Eve to follow her deepest desires and bite the apple.........more

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apartment Interior Design | Art Collector's Home | New York | Caliper Studio

This project is the home for two art collectors on New York’s Upper West Side. Located in the top two floors of a Mckim Mead and White building, the design merges two apartments to create a spacious domestic art gallery where home and art are intertwined. The spaces are strung in an open sequence around a library core, from the entrance to the kitchen with a free standing stair and living spaces in between. Continuous long walls enclose the space to display works from the owners’ collection: Tomma Abts, Lawrence Weiner, Franz Ackermann and more. Full-height, translucent moveable partitions can be positioned to provide private enclosures when needed without reducing the overall scale of the space................more

Retail Interior Design | Telecom Victoria Street | London | Gascoigne Associates

Telecom New Concept Store in Victoria St is a new approach to technology retailing. The new concept store was a collaboration with Designworks and marries high-tech features with convivial approachability in a space that oozes colour, variety and character. The playfully eclectic space has clean, crisp elements to reflect the high-end technology on offer, however, these are tempered with soft textures to create a comfortable and fun way for customers to interact with the technology...........more

Monday, November 21, 2011

School Interior Design | Gjerdrum Secondary School | Gjerdrum | Norway | Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter

The school is designed within a relatively compact building-structure. The roof is shaped as though the terrain is “folded up” from the ground, creating a powerful and encompassing dimension compared to the large surrounding landscape. The school- functions are gathered under the overarching roof-structure. An open landscape made up by smaller buildings, as “houses within the house”, creates a rich inner atmosphere.........more

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Ella Dining Room and Bar | Sacramento | California | UXUS Design

UXUS was approached by a leading restaurateur in California to create a unique dining concept for their new location in California’s State Capital, Sacramento. UXUS created a complete restaurant concept including the interior restaurant layout and design as well as the branding and house style.

The restaurant covers an area of 700 m2 and seats 250 guests. All areas of the restaurant –bar, wine cellar, main dining area & private dining– were created by UXUS.

Central to Ella’s concept is the communal dining experience of the Table d’Hôte, which is designed to make the diners feel as if the chef has invited them to a private dinner party in his kitchen.

Ella has won many international design awards and has been featured on the cover of several major design publications..........more

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Pony Restaurant | Sydney | Australia | Dreamtime

Located within Sydney’s heritage Rocks precinct bordering Circular Quay, Pony is a unique lounge and wood-fired grill designed to take advantage of its location in a former bond warehouse in a secluded cobblestone laneway. The interior features a dramatic open kitchen with pony hide-clad kitchen counter, heritage brick walls, commissioned woven art hangings on a mesh-clad side wall, black japanned recycled plank flooring and custom goat skin pendant lights hung from the original timber ceiling. An exterior timber deck features an 11 metre (36 ft.) communal dining table and outdoor bar and lounge.........more

Friday, November 18, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Alemagou | Ftelia Beach | Mykonos | k studio

Alemagou is a bar and restaurant on the sands of Ftelia Beach, in Mykonos. The concept is holistic with every element of the project telling a common story and coming together to create and inspirational yet laid back atmosphere, perfectly suited to the site........more

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Office Interior Design | Method 1 | San Francisco | California | Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design

North American headquarters of the retail partners in environmentally sensitive domestic cleaning products.The office design enhances communication and promotes teamwork for greater productivity..........more

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exhibition Space Interior Design | Level Green | Autostadt | Germany | J. MAYER H. Architects

Personal responsibility in the sustainable use of global resources continues to play an increasingly important role in the life of the average consumer. In this context, the offices of  and Art+Com Berlin were commissioned to develope a permanent exhibition on the topic sustainability for the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. The exhibition LEVEL GREEN was opened on the 4th of June 2009 and encompasses approximately 1000 m2, the exhibition renders this highly complex topic tangible, providing for an aesthetic access to information. In so doing, it seeks to unfold the various aspects of the topic while creating an information environment that addresses the visitor on different sensual levels...........more

Monday, November 14, 2011

Loft Interior Design | Collector's Loft | Manhattan | UNStudio

The design for an existing loft located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan explores the interaction between a gallery and living space. The main walls in the loft flow through the space, and together with articulated ceilings create hybrid conditions in which exhibition areas merge into living areas. While the walls form a calm and controlled backdrop for the works of art, the ceiling is more articulated in its expression of this transition. By interchanging luminous and opaque, the ceiling creates a field of ambient and local lighting conditions, forming an organizational element in the exhibition and the living areas...more

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Office Interior Design | Google Office Renovation | Mountain View | California | Mithun

This build to suit 60,000 sf corporate office responds to the complex needs of the client integrating seven user groups into a highly flexible design solution that will enable groups to expand and possibly relocate over time. The design utilizes the latest technology and workplace strategies to promote a collaborative work environment while balancing the need for high security and privacy within an existing building. To meet an aggressive schedule of design to occupancy of just 8 months, the design and construction team worked closely together and with the local Mountain View jurisdictions to shorten approval times. The project utilizes efficient HVAC systems, lighting and controls and has received a LEED® Gold certification........more

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Office Interior Design | OPN Architects, Inc. | Cedar Rapids | Iowa | USA | OPN Architects

All remnants of the 1980’s remodeling including drywall perimeter, acoustic panel ceiling, and private offices
were removed to expose the original masonry walls and steel/heavy timber structures. The insertion of new
elements was done in a clean, contemporary manor to clearly define the separation of new and old. Private
offices for the partnership are on an interior wall with a full glass wall open to the studio. A skylight was added to the back office wall to wash natural light on the exposed masonry. A new furniture system was chosen for its materiality and detailing that was consistent with the new architecture. The result was a dramatic transformation
of the space into an open, transparent work environment conducive to the firm’s philosophy......more


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