Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restaurant Interior Design | Fifteen Restaurant | Melbourne | Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot has designed the latest restaurant for the Fifteen Foundation, created by chef Jamie Oliver.

A jigsaw of four main rooms surrounds the kitchen, each a unique experience dedicated to various artists from the 60’s London art scene. The ensemble of experiences connects to the London base, whilst offering a uniquely Melbourne complexity.......more

Educational Interior Design | University of South Australia Future Learning Space | Woods Bagot

The School of Engineering at the University of South Australia came to Woods Bagot with the ambition of creating a learning environment for the newly created combined ‘Foundation Studies’ in engineering, where four streams of 1st year students are introduced to the breadth of the field of Engineering through a range of collaborative, cross - disciplinary and sometimes competitive projects.

Whilst the school had not developed a brief of what this space might look like, they were convinced that if they were to attract and retain the right students, it would have to be a space where students were able to explore, discuss, search, study and socialise and where they would feel valued as Engineering students.

Woods Bagot worked with the School of Engineering to articulate the ambitions for the project in a ‘project vision’ which then, in effect, became the design brief. The space we have designed in response to that brief is an exciting, flexible work space made up of a number of zones, each enabling different learning modes, the whole facilitating the new pedagogies the school wishes to explore. The next step is working with the University to develop the future learning environment concept to meet the needs of other schools and campuses.....more

Corporate Interior | Linklaters Headquarters | Dubai | UAE | Woods Bagot

Linklaters LLP is one of five prominent UK law firms in the so-called “magic circle”. Over the past decade, Linklaters has undergone a major transformation to become a leading international law firm, and were named Middle Eastern Law Firm of the Year at the International Financial Law Review Middle East Awards.

Linklaters relocated their UAE headquarters to a 1200 m2 site in the newly opened Currency House, which forms part of the prestigious Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) district.

Woods Bagot was employed as the Lead Consultant and Interior Designer, procuring project management, cost consultancy and engineering services on behalf of the client. The client representative is based in New York and London, and our role was to deliver the project for the local management. Woods Bagot’s design reinterpreted the traditional law firm palette to provide a more open and transparent space promoting communication, team work and natural light. Private offices with glazed walls provide much needed quiet space for reflection, concentration and detail analysis whilst a well-equipped staff break out area provides additional collaborative space.

Ultimately, this project moved the client out of their established comfort zone and challenged them to pursue options that could increase productivity, staff retention, client appeal and sustainability whilst providing a working environment ahead of its peers and supporting their strategic growth plans. A dedicated client services zone was established front of house and is carefully designed to provide privacy and separation of client groups, whilst attaining transparency and access to premium DIFC views......more

Corporate Interior | The Wesfarmers Headquarters | Woods Bagot

The Wesfarmers Headquarters corporate refit began with a single department (530m2) and has expanded three times to include 10 departments over four floors a total area of 3,140m2.

Wesfarmers Limited is a major diversified Australian public company with operating business interests in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, mining and insurance as well as private equity and others.
The objectives of the refit have been defined via a rigorous consultative process. The refit aims to:
- reflect the values of the individual Wesfarmers departments and the organisation
- encourage social interaction, build trust and teamwork leading to innovation and,
- support business growth

The work habits of individual departments has been investigated and analysed via the consultative process. An appropriate mix of social, team, internal and external meeting spaces are to be utilised in line with the company’s decision to move from enclosed offices to an open plan layout.....more

Monday, November 29, 2010

Retail Interior Design | Cynthia Leight Opticians | Los Angeles | California | Designed By Space International

Design for a small eyewear boutique situated in the ground floor of a parking structure. The design takes advantage of this unique situation by creating a horizontal backdrop of product display which runs parallel to the pedestrian activity of Robertson Boulevard. Intricate display elements constructed from glass and stainless steel float between the heavy concrete floor and ceiling of the structure and reflect the delicate craft and precision of the eyewear for sale.......more

Restaurant Interior | San Colombano | Lucca | Italy | ARCHEA Associati

PROJECT: Restaurant and lounge bar
CLIENT: Carmafrigor
SYSTEMS:P.I. Luca Pollastrini
COST:€ 600.000,00
BUILT AREA:200 sq m
CONTRACTOR: Michele Bianchi srl

The walls of Lucca, since the 1.500’s the architectural boundary between the ancient and new city, are experienced by residents as a public space and also an exhibition center and place where cultural events are held, with noted intellectual circles like the historical Caffè delle Mura. From here the competition for the transformation into a café-restaurant at the rampart of San Colombano, and the idea, expressed in the project proposal, is to make the life of the locale the protagonist in the life of the city. The transparency makes customers’ visits visible, and interprets the relationship between the interior “scene” and the vivid urban environment, while the oak floor boards allow, as in a theater stage, the recording also acoustically of customers’ presence. The same essence is used for the roof and the long bar counter, an organic layering of splinters that evoke Ceroli’s sculpture. The partitions between the reception and service spaces are made from treated iron, like sliding fixtures. The use of the materials, like the study of every other element, from furniture to lighting, helps to characterize the space as a “total design” of integration, respecting and harmonizing with the place’s history. The project is conceived so as to be completely reversible and detachable, bringing the rampart back one day to its original configuration......more

Tornbuoni Art Gallery | Venice | Italy | ARCHEA Associati

LOCATION: Campo San Maurizio - Venezia
PROJECT: Commercial exhibition
CLIENT: Tornabuoni Arte srl
STRUCTURES: Favero&Milan ingegneria
COST:€ 700.000,00
BUILT AREA:60 sq m

The project involves a building in Campo San Maurizio, Piazza San Marco area. The restoration plan of a store-front commercial space envisaged its transformation into the Tornabuoni Arte contemporary art gallery, after those already active in Florence, Milan, Portofino, and Forte dei Marmi. The project is an opportunity to experiment with the theme of the small scale exhibition space. The paucity of available surfaces suggested a concept based on the perception of space and the relationship between container / contents. The existing structure, the result of an earlier restoration of the historical building, is subject to a further construction intervention aimed at the total elimination of the vertical supports: this allows the creation of an organic and winding indirect route. The white resin wraps indiscriminately around the horizontal and vertical surfaces sublimating the structure in a sculptural unity from which all the constituent and accessory spatial elements take their form, including the seating and horizontal surfaces. The lights arranged between the “craters” in the ceiling are the only “detail” in a spatially monochromatic continuum, smooth and devoid of references to geometric perspective, except for the works of art on display........more

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cinema Interior | Events Cinema | George Street Cinema | V Max Bar and Foyer | Indyk Architects

" The client in early 2009 requested Indyk Architects to create a new image for the V MAX brand of cinema auditoria. The image of vastness and.expansion,of adventure and event were the defining words.
The Bar space was also required to be renovated in line with the image developed.
A series of graphic panels backlit with LED strips was created. The LED strips illuminated the graphics, now created in 3D.

Backlit acrylic blue lozenges of space, float caught between lines of perspective, drawn to the edge of the black canyon space of V Max....
These panels line the walls leading to the actual VMAX cinemas, in various locations in Sydney and interstate."........more

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hotel Interior Design | Yotel Compact Hotel Concept | Studio Conran

" We were asked to conceive, develop and productionise ‘Compact Cabin’ hotels for Heathrow, Gatwick and Schiphol airports. We had to create a system of component parts that enabled the concept to be rolled out across the globe and in airport sites and city centres alike – areas where space is at a premium. The challenge was to create a communality of parts, whilst maintaining a solution appropriate to the needs of the global traveller at business class level of comfort and quality.

Everything you would expect from a luxury hotel in a small space – right inside the airport terminal, accessible from the public areas yet just a moments walk from check in and departure gates.

Two types of cabin were produced, premium and standard. Upper and lower standard cabins nest over each other in an ingenious space-saving way. The styling and ambience were influenced by business class cabins on airplanes to give a premium rather than confined feel; all cabins have showers, toilets and desks with internet access as well as great lighting and video on demand. The high quality materials, finishes and fittings are particularly noticeable. Occupancy rates are in excess of the predicted 100% in the currently completed Yotels, and the developed design has been met with critical acclaim as well as awards."...more

Interior Design | Sephora Studio | Eric Gizard

"Backstage" ambience for new Sephora’s beauty space, which breaks the codes of the traditional beauty institute. A space organized in the form of plates (nail bar, final improvement, bar lounge) and in the form of cabins (care of the face and care of the body), registered in the continuity of the space of sale......more
Design: E.G.A. - Stories
Surface:200 m²
Description:Interior architecture, design and furniture

Retail Interior Design | Jean Patou Perfumes | Eric Gizard

A pearly, light and transparent structure, the new space for Jean Patou perfumes is resolutely modern.
On the ground floor, a felt wall, a lacquered pink panel, luminescent cylinders and a perforated plexiglass wall present the products with a mild variation of colored lights......more

A private lounge and Perfume Bar are located upstairs.
Client:Procter & Gamble
Design:desgrippes-gobé / E.G.A.
Surface:150 m²
Description: Interior architecture, design and furniture
Year: 2004

Retail Interior | Icebreaker TOUCH LAB | Portland | Parsonson Architects

Icebreaker is a young and innovative Wellington clothing company who sell their products worldwide.

Icebreaker's USA head office is located in Portland, Oregon and this store showcases the brand. Located on a busy pedestrian corner, a ribbon of carpet was treated as an extension of the public space of the city to connect the two street levels together. The twisted carpet loop offers a changing relationship as people move through the space and provides a sense of inhabitation and interaction.....more

Retail Interior | Icebreaker TOUCH LAB | Wellington | Parsonson Architects

Icebreaker is a young and innovative Wellington clothing manufacturing company who sell their products worldwide. The Wellington Airport ‘touch-lab' is their first foray into retail.

A design was developed around the idea of a sewn shop, using organic forms that could be cut, curved and stitched. Shagpile carpet forms were used, which are soft, sculptural and engaging, while the remainder of the shop is treated in a crisper more rectilinear way, where lines and layers of shelving, natural images, product images and product have been built up. Entering Wellington Airport, the shop welcomes visitors with the large open end of its cross section. Moving through the shop the curving shagpile forms start to compress and envelop the shopper in a more intimate way. Light spills out between the gaps from the lighter interior into the darker arrival corridor accentuating the varying forms and inviting exploration.....more

Retail Interior Design | Richard Chai Retail Installation | New York | Snarkitecture

The Richard Chai store is a temporary retail installation created by Snarkitecture in collaboration with designer Richard Chai as part of the Building Fashion series at HL23, presented by Boffo and Spilios Gianakopoulos. Carved from the confines of an existing structure beneath the High Line, the installation envelops visitors within a glacial cavern excavated from a single material.

White architectural foam is cut by hand to produce erosions and extensions of the sculpted walls and ceiling to create a varied landscape for the display of Richard Chai’s collection. The range of shelves, niches, hang bars and other moments embedded within the form encourage the designer’s curatorial eye for display. At the close of the temporary installation, the material was returned to the manufacturer and recycled into rigid foam insulation.....more

Apartment Interior | Box/Box Residence | Brooklyn | New York | Snarkitecture

A pied-à-terre as permanent residence, Box/Box is an apartment for Snarkitecture partner Daniel Arsham. A 90 square foot private hideaway contained within a larger 2,500 square foot collaborative workspace, the project was conceived as an accelerated design/build experiment and was completed within a two-month period at a cost of less than $100 per square foot.

The selected site is an existing storage loft onto which the volume of the apartment sits like a gift balanced on a high shelf. Enclosed within this volume is a simple and economical program: a space for sleeping and dressing. A ladder at ground level leads upwards through a hatch concealed in the floor, entering a treehouse-like residence consisting of only a closet and a bed. A gradient of 25,000 spheres clad the walls, moving from dark to light as they meet the illuminated grid of the ceiling, made of translucent panels that reveal a hidden grid of spheres when backlit. This luminous ceiling, the skylight and the facing mirrors on opposite walls brighten and expand the room to create an illusory space that appears more expansive than actual size....more

Retail Interior | A1 Lounge | Mobilkom Austria | eoos

EOOS created an entirely new shopping experience for Austria's leading mobile phone provider A1 Mobilkom. The customer passes through a "fog façade" to enter another world. The hi-tech fog system produces various scenarios of transcendence according to the time of day. Once inside the store, people stroll among LCD tables. Each customer receives a "ghost mobile", a crystalline body sized similarly

to a mobile phone. By just placing it on the technological surfaces, he or she can make purchases by magically loading the real and virtual products into the transparent object - the actual, physical products are received at the cash desk. A "future ramp," where "future cubes" display upcoming products as holographs, takes customers to a metallic wing from which they approach the monolithic white bar and the lounge area.......more
photos: Paul Prader, Hans Georg Esch, Bruno Klomfar

Hotel Interior Design | 9Hours Capsule Hotel | Kyoto | Japan

The 9 Hours is the brand new capsule hotel unveiled in December 2009 by Tokyo-based Cubic Corp. Designed in a collaboration with designer Fumie Shibata of Design Studio S, it looks nothing like its predecessors and represents a revolution in the capsule concept. Gabriel Leigh visits the hotel to see what's different.....more

Loft Interior Design | Dog Team Too Loft and Studio | San Antonio | Texas | Lake Flato

The adaptive re-use of a 1920s industrial building on the edge of downtown created an “industrial hacienda,” focused around a pool courtyard. A hodge-podge of remodeled store fronts was replaced with cement infill panels and high windows to maintain privacy and security in this inner-city neighborhood. A new steel-framed, saw-tooth roof with north-facing clerestory windows creates a large, light-filled central living space....more

Theater Interior Design | Yamaguchi Prefecture Pavilion | Yamaguchi | Japan | Kubota Architect Atelier

Function  :Theater/Gallery
Site area:836000m2
Built area:1767.66m2
Total floor area:1319.50m2
Structure  :Steel-frame construction.......more

Clinic Interior Design | M Clinic | Hiroshima | Japan | Designed By Kubota Architect Atelier

Function  :CLINIC
Site area:338.82m2
Built area:191.49m2
Total floor area:562.04m2
Structure  :Steel-frame construction

Kubota Architect Atelier

Schlumberger Doll Research Research | Cambridge | Massachusetts | TRO-JB

An integral part of the design for this research facility was to create showcase labs which have transparent glass walls allowing spectator viewing from several vantage points. Architectural gestures such as sloping walls, shifting forms, and a layering of materials implies a dynamic movement of tectonics. Copper, slate, tile, wood and polished granite are some of the repeated textures and materials that accent an earth-toned palette....more

Friday, November 26, 2010

Laundrette Interior Design | Suds Laundrette | Plus Architecture

Situated on the ground floor of Society, the Suds Laundrette could easily be mistaken for a funky Chapel St bar. The aim for Suds was to turn a mundane task into a fun and unique experience through design.

Taking its inspiration from the Alice in Wonderland checkerboard, the central area of the laundrette is clad in fabricated grass. Circular cut-outs in the walls reflect the bubbles of washing suds and double as seating. While wood inspired vinyl is used for both functionality and aesthetics.This interesting combination of materials generates a contrast with the washing machines, enhanced by the suspended ceiling, to create a unique and stimulating environment.....more

Office Interior | Babcock and Brown Communities Office Fitout | Plus Architecture

The Babcock & Brown Communities office fitout is a 2000sqm project featuring a large portion of open plan workstations and generously appointed staff lounge, training rooms and public meeting zone.
The brief was to create a relaxed corporate environment, achieved through a mix of stylish, comfortable break-out areas versus the more formal reception and meeting room spaces.
The open plan layout is designed to suit the ever-changing needs of an office environment. The flexible layout will significantly reduce future churn costs and work towards a continued environmentally sustainable work place.
The space planning provides equitable access to natural light for all staff, and the successful space efficacies have afforded a trafficable corridor around the perimeter.

The office layout reflects a corporate office culture that encourages staff interaction. We appreciate that not all productive work is carried out in meeting rooms and workstations.....more

Office Interior Design | Red Jelly | Room 11

Fitout of existing warehouse for graphic design agency red jelly. The spaces were broken down into a series of both functional and playful spaces, including the "cross of silence" for telephone calls. Room11 applied the soft ecopanel strips to the reception pod by hand, creating a unique entry sequence for the highly creative agency.....more

House Interior | Coast House | Designed By SMITH DESIGN STUDIO

Metres from the shoreline, this formerly modest, dark brick house was transformed into a light-filled, luxury residence in 2007.

Commissioned to design internal plans, finishes and fixtures to all areas, including combined lounge and dining, kitchen, study, bedrooms and basement wet areas; SMITH DESIGN STUDIO re-envisaged the house to a palette of oatmeal, white and cream, in harmony with the beauty of its surrounds.

Opening the house to the immaculate natural light, and emphasising natural elements in construction; from waxed, wide board oak flooring, honed travertine and limed timber joinery, SMITH DESIGN STUDIO created a retreat from the city and a liveable family haven.


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