Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dry Cleaning Laundry | Pristine Conceirge | Princeton | New Jersey | JZA+D

Our clients at Pristine wanted this small space to represent a departure from your conventional dry cleaning experience. Based on this requirement, the JZA+D design inserts a white central feature in the space that unites and separates each of the functional elements of the project. Since this element needed to house reception and a work station, operated by one person; it needed to be small, efficient and provide different levels of transparency to maximize screening of the clothing racks and allow for views out and through the space. In addition, a complimentary curvilinear wall feature completes the functional needs of the space by housing storage areas and a changing room. The final product utilizes a simple palette of sustainable materials in warm wood and earth tones framed within each of these white curvilinear elements, creating a new kind of dry-cleaning experience.


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