Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Interior Design | Rotterdam | Doepel Strijkers Architects

This former ambulance garage in the centre of Rotterdam borders on a secluded park. Replacing the rear wall with a large glass window creates a direct relationship to it.

The dugout in the middle of the building generates height for a second level. A polycarbonate lightbox with integrated LED lights houses the bedrooms and spans the space above the living-kitchen.

Custom-made cupboard, kitchen and stairs finished in bright orange polyurethane, link the dugout to the entrance hall on the street side and the living room on the park side.....more

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mingo Shops | Chile | AATA Arquitectos

From 2007 to date
AATA has been in charge of Mingo shop design located at:

- Orphans
- Mall Plaza del Trebol

Monday, February 14, 2011

Retail Interior | SPRMRKT STH | Amsterdam | Doepel Strijkers Architects

SPRMRKT, based on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam since 2003, is an avant-garde shop with unique labels and a distinctive blend of high design furniture, art books and changing exhibitions. SPRMRKT is unconventional and this philosophy is evident in Super South, the newly realised second store.
On the corner of Cornelis Schuytstraat and Willemsparkweg in Amsterdam South in an existing shell building, a shop is made which plays with the dogmas of the moral perfection of the body and the decoration thereof......more

Restaurant Interior Design | Restaurant die Waid | Zurich | Pia Schmid

Renovation of an existing restaurant, Brand in June 2004, reconstruction 2004/2005 The design and room concept for “die Waid“ was to be futuristic; free open rooms which you can take generous strides through. Clear organisation was needed between the entrance, the lounge, the “Wok-Restaurant“ – a bar parlour, and the restaurant, which faces the whole panorama of Zurich. And lastly, in the red hall there is a facade disruption in a dark wall – which looks like a picture postcard on a viewing deck. Less but more specific disruptions were made, which accept but do not conceal the old construction volumines of the various architectural eras. The colours were chosen so that on the one hand if you glance behind, layers of various warm colour tones are noticeable – always irritated by a strong green tone accent – and on the other....more

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Project: 2009
Implementation: 2009
Area: 300 m2
Remodeling project of exhibition space and shop in the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda. Project in conjunction with Yungleng Sánchez and Beatriz Navarrete, curator of the ehibición.....more

Monday, February 7, 2011

Office Interior Design | Recycle Office Haka Bulding | Rotterdam | Doepel Strijkers Architect

HAKA 'Living Lab'
In 2009 the HAKA building is appointed to become a campus for clean-tech activity. A 'Living Lab' for companies, institutions and authorities in the field of water and energy pooling their knowledge and research.

For this task Doepel Strijkers Architects explored materials cycles in the area and city scale. Doepel Strijkers Architects is one of the partners of REAP PLUS (Rotterdam Energy Approach & Planning) in which in addition to energy - water, waste, material cycles are also included.....more

Hotel Interior Design | Hotel Ambassador | Berne | Pia Schmid

The project for the remodelling of the Hotel Ambassador in Berne was chosen as a study commission by Fassbind Hotels in December 2002. In 2004/2005 the project was planned and implemented. All rooms had to have a more modern, open and lighter effect. In the hotel rooms, in connection with the facade renovation, the balustrades were removed and the new window fronts were moved out by 60cm. The room height window openings, with precise dark borders inside and out, have the effect of large postcard frames, and depending on the direction of the sky, open the view to the city of Berne or onto the Gurten hill. Der nine storey building was insulated throughout and coated with a stretched metal skin in aluminium. Through its finely penetrated surface a unique facade picture emerges. The public rooms, renovated in 1990 by Prof. Justus Dahinden, were basically left in their authentic state and adapted to fit in with the whole new hotel concept. The hotel has three different types of rooms, which are all the same over 7 floors. There are rooms with closed off bathrooms in precisely set glass cylinders, rooms with half open bath areas and SPA rooms with walled, open SPA tubs. The bathrooms have been designed so that there is even a spa in your room. The back walls of the bed are in Zebrano-Furnier, and the night table and the desk have aubergine coloured inlay on the inside, creating an ever-changing room sculpture. To compliment the terrific view, the colour concept was kept in discrete blue, grey, gold and crème tones. The SPA area in the first underground floor was increased through a larger space and more use of daylight, and has a comprehensive Wellness range on offer. Diverse blue tones in various textures shape the colour and material concept of the SPA. The lighting concept is a play of direct and indirect light.....more

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ANTHONY GIANZERO SALON | New York City | SPG Architects

Upon signing the lease for this ground floor commercial space, Anthony Gianzero approached SPG Architects to design his new salon. Located a block west of heavily commercialized Eighth Avenue, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, but with little retail activity, Gianzero wanted to give the 500 SF store front a strong visual presence in order to serve as a destination for his clientele. From the formerly derelict and abandoned space, SPG Architects designed an environment that focuses the activity of the salon around a bar-like reception area where clients can relax. The design involves bars of light, mirrors, glass, and stainless steel grounded by richly stained blue-black cabinetry and flooring. The sense of lightness and reflectivity created by the light and reflective materials remarks on the ephemeral nature of beauty. The solid feel of the flooring and cabinetry provide a distinct sense of place for the stylists and their clientele......more


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