Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Store Interior Design | Tod | Omotesando | Tokyo | Nendo

" We designed new furnishings for the sixth-floor hall of the Tod’s store on Omotesando, in Tokyo. The open, airy space is surrounded by large windows, so we designed frame-like furnishings reminiscent of the buildings visible outside, jostling together in various shapes and sizes. We used mirrors to reflect the exterior light and landscape,allowing us to bring the outside world into the hall even more vividly. The hall is used for a variety of functions including press conferences and special events, so the furnishings can be arranged freely for different purposes, then stored away compactly when not in use. The transparent acrylic ceiling panels can easily be substituted with panels in other materials and colours, enabling flexible redesign of the space to suit the content and themes of future exhibitions......more

Monday, March 30, 2015

Restaurant Interior Design | Barnyard | London | Brinkworth

Following the success of the highly acclaimed restaurant 'Dabbous' designed by Brinkworth, Barnyard is the latest project from Ollie Dabbous and his business partner Oskar Kinberg. Ollie returned to Brinkworth with a clear concept for this latest restaurant interior.

As the name suggests, Ollie’s vision was inspired by the nostalgia of traditional agricultural environments. The design has been developed to suit the simple yet exquisitely made British menu, which together create a distinctive and easy dining experience..........more

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Restaurant Interior Design | Dabbous | London | Brinkworth

Star chef Ollie Dabbous bravely envisaged an unusually sparse concept for his debut restaurant in London and called on Brinkworth to develop the spatial design and brand identity.

The Brinkworth concept takes inspiration from Dabbous’ unique culinary style and created a raw, industrial space with simple, confident graphics and branding. The coherent visual language connects the restaurant and basement cocktail bar, ensuring a strong overall presence of this bold, successful establishment........more

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Takeaway Shop Interior Design | Kessalao Germany | Bonn | Germany | Masquespacio

Briefing: Design a brand for a take away service of Mediterranean food in the city of Bonn, Germany, incorporating several aspects in the brand image and overall space design that reminds to fresh, natural and Mediterranean food.

Solution: First of all we designed a brand based on the drop of olive oil, the main product of the Mediterranean kitchen and Kessalao’s. Secondly, through the space we wanted to transmit a fresh and modern design with materials that remind to natural food, like pine wood and elements very typical for the Mediterranean countries like raffia. A palette of colors popular for Germans was used on the client’s request representing the Mediterranean lifestyle.........more

Friday, March 27, 2015

Museum Interior Design | The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum | Lisbon | Likearchitects

" The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum is a cultural space within a commercial space in Lisbon and it was designed to host the exhibition ‘Andy Warhol – Icons | Psaier Artworks and the Factory’. The museum recreates an environment that is both pop and industrial, through an unusual materiality resulting from the use of metal paint cans. The interior was designed as an enclosed introspective space, entirely defined by continuous walls, benefiting from a transparent cover in plastic screen, allowing light to enter from the exterior and assuring the visual relationship between the two confronting spaces – museum and shopping mall. Like the Andy Warhol’s artwork the museum reflects the consumer society, but in a literal way, through the raw aluminium sheet of cylindrical cans. Other strands, which were patent in the work of Andy Warhol, were also fundamental in the creation of the architectural space – the repetition (silkscreened) or the idea of sublimating everyday objects, regardless of their original form or function, and transform them into tangible icons of the collective imaginary........more

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Headquarters Interior Design | Coca- Cola's new Head Quarters | Wimpole Street | London | Morey Smith

"The interior of the building is a celebration of Coca-Cola’s heritage and place in popular culture. The design unites the Edwardian Baroque-style front of the building, with a more modern rear extension via a staircase which runs through the core of the building. A custom-built, double-sided display wall has been installed over three floors and provides a spectacular backdrop to display the brand’s long heritage, including iconic original Coca-Cola memorabilia from its archives in the US.....more

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Corporate Office Interior Design | Blue Communications | Montreal Canada | Anne Sophie Goneau Design

" Their corporate space is located in the southwestern downtown part of Montreal on the 8th floor of the LEED building Carrefour d’Innovation INGO which was previously the brewing tower of the famous Dow brewery.

The mandate was to section different work zone to create a stimulating environment, favourable to creation and encourage communication between each user. The open space allows each user to benefit the spatiality of each area, the natural light from high fenestration and the panoramic view on Montreal. A white universe was opted with all its splendour for a space that brings serenity and lightness for each user.......more

Pastry Shop Interior Design | À La Folie | Montreal Canada | Anne Sophie Goneau Design

" The design of the new address of the patisserie À La Folie aims to defy all typecasts of the conventional pastry shop by giving full prominence to the superior presentation and quality of its unique products.

The execution of the design begins with the storefront. The shop’s ground floor location on the colorful street of Mont-Royal impelled the creation of a space that is distinguished by its neutrality, acting as a monochromatic backdrop to the vibrancy of both the street and the pastries within. The neutral gray interior elevates the wonderful shapes, textures, and hues of the products on display. This voluntary restraint isolates the senses, and the focus becomes only the pastries themselves; the customer almost begins to taste with their eyes!........more

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Corporate Office Interior Design | Giant Pixel | San Francisco | O+A

Giant Pixel in San Francisco is a software developer occupying three floors near the City’s Mint Plaza, an area known for creative redevelopment and modernity drawn from vintage architecture. With a busy Blue Bottle Coffee shop as neighbor and stylish restaurants just minutes away, Giant Pixel wanted a casual urban look in keeping with its neighborhood. Our design challenge was to fit a variety of distinct work areas into three small footprints—and to do so with both beauty and economy.

A laser-cut blackened steel canopy at the entrance to the office begins the exercise with computer code patterns that create a striking visual matrix and divide the front into reception and waiting areas. The custom-fabricated concrete reception desk eschews traditional forms and substitutes a sweeping sculptural elegance offset by the wit of a desk-lamp chandelier. In the basement a lounge and bar provide a cozy in-house retreat for Giant Pixel’s staff and visitors.

Upstairs a suspended fireplace and chimney create another arresting focal point evolving into mid-area workstations, a conference room, private break cabanas and finally a coffee counter at the back. Each area is spatially discreet, but each informs the other through proximity, light—and in the case of the fireplace: warmth. Throughout Giant Pixel’s office one design thought prevails: that small spaces may acquire richness through an abundance of uses and careful orchestration of detail......more

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Corporate Office Interior Design | Airport Regional Head Office | "Lighthouse", Moscow, Russia | VOX Architects

For a company that provides administrative management for terminals of several regional airports, the architects have chosen the space in a modern office building in the center of Moscow. Architects decided to form moderate, and in the same time expressive, interiors. The customer fully relied on the professional competence of the team granted the freedom to create. The only constraints were conditioned by the working style of this particular office – the office is not meant to be often attended by visitors, and by the company’s activities: complex financial and technical development of airport facilities. As most employees are concentrating on individual work, the office has practically no open space, but a number of comfortable individual cabinets and meeting rooms. The interiors clearly translate an image of a metallic airplane wing, hovering in the greyish-blue sky.

As the office is situated in a reconstructed printing-house, in the very center of it there are still left bracing V-shaped beams. One of those is transformed into a white abstract form, and the other, in a symbolic fin of an airplane.

The colors of the interiors are cold, but due to multi-level lightning it really feels cozy inside. These comforting feelings are enhanced by ash wood used in the decoration of floors and cabinets, wooden wall panels. ........more

Friday, March 20, 2015

Restaurant Interior Design | Bon | Bucharest Romania | Corvin Cristian Studio

" Over 200 reclaimed doors, windows and blinds were used as wall paneling.
Carefully placed light sources add to the theatrical yet cozy atmosphere.Part of the doors were used as fence to the building sites hence the graffiti and the extreme wear on some of them. We left most of the doors as we found them while only the shades of a few were altered to meet the discreet three tones color scheme of the design (white, blue, red)
Central Bucharest, and Romania in general, goes these days through a craze of demolishing old
buildings, unfortunately. Our approach is an attempt to keep some memories of the disappearing past......more

Restaurant Interior Design | Boema | Cluj Romania | Corvin Cristian Studio

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" Boema is a restaurant and located in a 1800 heritage building. There was no witness left of its
former decoration so we had to imagine a contemporary yet reverent to the past one. we found inspiration in the around the corner 1400 gothic cathedral from which we replicated the wainscot in a fresh and surprisingly un-gothic light blue. But here stops the historicism. all the composition is based on irony and contrast.The60’s Scandinavian style furniture matches surprisingly to the Gothic (possibly the same elegance and lightness of the structure)The roughness of the exposed old beams ceiling is counterpointed by the elegant marble bar counter, the massive aluminum pendants stand up in front of the gothic curves, the opulent main room gets more value by its vicinity to the rustic one........more

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Store Interior Design | MDECOR | Kyiv Ukraine | Sergey Makhno Architect

MDECOR is a designer decor space. It’s a unique place accommodating a collection of designer
objects and art pieces by Ukrainian artists, sculptors, ceramists, designers. The owners of MDECOR, Sergiy and Vlada Makhno, offer customers what they personally find emotionally appealing, things that bear their own quality mark.

An elongated space of the showroom is divided into two sections — a presentation gallery and a storage area — with a high partition in between, adorned with decorative concrete panels. Under the partition, there is a working area comprising a desk with a transparent glass desktop on wooden beams­turned­legs.
The table, lighting (lamps with  wire netting shades) and all the furnishings (natural wood veneered
cabinets/stands with concrete tops, tinted rusty iron cubes of a shelving system, trunks of Zakarpattya silver fir converted into display stands) were designed by Sergiy Makhno.

Sergiy’s original installation of wild cherry twigs hanging on the cables floats above the working area. One of the twigs stands out: coloured mint, it symbolizes a unique nature of every object offered by MDECOR......more


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