Thursday, March 19, 2015

Store Interior Design | MDECOR | Kyiv Ukraine | Sergey Makhno Architect

MDECOR is a designer decor space. It’s a unique place accommodating a collection of designer
objects and art pieces by Ukrainian artists, sculptors, ceramists, designers. The owners of MDECOR, Sergiy and Vlada Makhno, offer customers what they personally find emotionally appealing, things that bear their own quality mark.

An elongated space of the showroom is divided into two sections — a presentation gallery and a storage area — with a high partition in between, adorned with decorative concrete panels. Under the partition, there is a working area comprising a desk with a transparent glass desktop on wooden beams­turned­legs.
The table, lighting (lamps with  wire netting shades) and all the furnishings (natural wood veneered
cabinets/stands with concrete tops, tinted rusty iron cubes of a shelving system, trunks of Zakarpattya silver fir converted into display stands) were designed by Sergiy Makhno.

Sergiy’s original installation of wild cherry twigs hanging on the cables floats above the working area. One of the twigs stands out: coloured mint, it symbolizes a unique nature of every object offered by MDECOR......more


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