Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cafe Interior Design | Blue Bottle Coffee | Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Roastery & Cafe | Tokyo | Japan | Schemata

" Blue Bottle Coffee (from Oakland, California) opened their first roastery/café in Japan, to operate as the production base of Blue Bottle Coffee Japan. Schemata Architects was commissioned to renovate the former storage building at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa in Tokyo to accommodate roastery, cafe, office, barista training room and pastry factory. Blue Bottle Coffee is a leader of the third-wave coffee companies; they strive to achieve the best flavor and aroma, while promoting fair-trade and improving the labor environment of coffee farms, to construct a balanced production circle and to develop a positive relationship in which baristas and consumers raise awareness and grow up together.

We respect and support their stance by making the building open to outside and creating a continuous space where everyone can establish and be involved in the balanced relationship to stay aware of each other’s action and to collaborate for better results. In order to maintain such relationship across spatial boundaries, we install very large-sized glass doors and screens on each floor to maintain transparency between neighboring spaces, inside and outside, and lower and upper floors.

The former storage building had no windows, so we made a large skylight in the center to distribute natural light throughout the space on the second floor. The skylight is located right above the void space connecting the first and second floors, where the indoor greenery on the upper level reflects abundant natural light and delivers the exotic forest-like light and shade to the lower level.".........more

Apartment Interior Design | Paris | France | CUT Architectures

" The apartment spreads over two floors, with a wider part on ground floor taking benefit of the natural light both from the street and the courtyard.

The project has been conceived to fit the intense social life of its owners, offering a wide living space combining a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a showroom/study.

A curved clear glass volume engrafted with the street façade extends the transparency of the main space yet offering the possibility to be isolated thanks to integrated curtains following the curved glass. This space can therefore be used as well as a study or a guest room.

Unifying the whole space, every wooden cladding is made of walnut, covering the floor and the ceiling of the glass volume as well as the kitchen plans. At the back of the space, a curved wall matches the curved glass wall, hiding the master bedroom, the toilets, the laundry as well as a large staircase leading to the top floor dedicated to the children. Built out of raw steel, the staircase and its extended intermediate landing platform offers a quiet and comfortable space to read, nap, watch TV or play video-games."............more

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Office Interior Design | Tuango | Old Montreal | Anne Sophie Goneau Design

"The project was to create their new office space, located on the ground floor of the prestigious Affiliated Building, built in 1868. The idea behind the whole concept was to materialize in 3 dimensions the their logo, which is displayed prominently on a 10 foot glass cube at the entrance of the space.

Tuango’s business in centered on group buying and promotions, and the central cube, a meeting room, is its physical representation. This orange cube also serves as external signage, as the large logo being visible from the street. Set up around it, include an open workspace, boardroom, several closed offices, kitchen and lounge area. In order to emphasize the natural light coming from the windows, the walls and the open ceiling were painted white.".............more

Apartment Interior Design | Espace St-Denis | Montreal | Canada | Anne Sophie Goneau Design

"The project is the design of a condo located on the ground floor of a 1887 triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

The mandate was to divide each living area in order to maximize while maintaining the architectural integrity of the existing location, each room with natural light. The concept was to highlight the raw materials, discovered during the demolition, in order to communicate their material, their relief and color environment.

The open kitchen is the focal point of the space; it unfolds on the dining room and living room, where the master bedroom fits. It is bounded by a glass wall which preserves the view of the bare brick; an archaeological reminder wanting to highlight the existing raw materials as an exhibitor showcase. On the ground, a radiant hot water heating system was installed under a concrete slab, which was covered by a light gray epoxy and polyurethane matt finish.

The steel beam, flameproof, delimits the passage area. In the corridor leading to the bathroom, a light-emitting diode was installed in the recessed ceiling for a more intimate setting, which features the original hemlock wall " .......more

Friday, January 22, 2016

Shop Interior Design | Doctor Manzana | Valencia | Spain | Masquespacio

" Briefing: Redesign the brand of Doctor Manzana, a technical support for smartphones and tablets; besides designing their first store, thinking in the different kind of customers interested in their services.

Solution: A brand was designed to attract different kind of customers from fashionistas to geeks, traduced here into several kinds of colors through a brand image that plays continually with the angle of 54 degrees formed by the reflection of the mobile phones’ screen."...........masquespacio


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