Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cafe Interior Design | McNally Jackson Books Cafe | Manhattan | New York City | Front Studio Architects

McNally Jackson Books, the largest independent booksellers in downtown Manhattan, wished to re-conceptualize the café and seating area as a place evocative of literature. The realized space creates visceral connections to the act of reading in each programmatic function. Folding desks carved from walnut in the shape of books are easily stored against the back wall when not in use. Suspended books intertwined with bare bulbs intrigue the passer-by as they cast a romantic play of shadow and light. A clever trompe d’oeil wallpaper surrounds the café in the rustling pages of literature......more

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Office Interior Design | Dropbox | Rapt Studio

Dropbox The magic of Dropbox is it allows you to work anywhere, using a nearly invisible interface. But the company’s 300,000-square-foot physical offices couldn’t be invisible. The space needed deliberate visual cues to support collaboration among the company’s many teams.

The solution: a bustling city layout based on landmarks, neighborhoods, and shared community values.

The neighborhood concept grew out of the discovery phase, when Rapt Studio learned a major source of frustration at the old office was that most workspaces were situated in narrow hallways — making collaboration difficult, disruptive, or both. So they created distinctive neighborhoods flanked by portals and meeting rooms to align with the needs of different departments. Groups of 40 to 50 people could create their own company subcultures based on their collective personalities, from quiet and industrious engineers to more social, vocal marketers......more

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Eyewear Shop Interior Design | JINS | Tokyo | Schemata

JINS, one of the biggest eyewear brands in Japan, commissioned Schemata Architects to design the renewal of their Ageo shop on the occasion of its 12th anniversary. The existing shop consists of two L-shaped blocks, respectively an eyewear shop and a cafe, positioned around a square courtyard surrounded by an open corridor serving as a cozy outdoor cafe space. However, the existing building was clad in wooden panels and the courtyard and the cafe were hidden from the street. We removed the exterior walls and installed Low-E paired glass to initiate the view towards the beautiful courtyard from the street, while creating an impressive display of their extensive eyewear products highly visible from the street at the same time.

The interior design was intended to emphasize the effect of exposing the skeleton of the building. New interior walls are offset from the original wall lines, finished with brick tiles usually used for exterior finishes; shelves and display furniture are designed as independent elements detached from the building. Eyewear products vary in shapes and colors, and we collaborated with the graphic design office KIGI to introduce visual elements in the shop so that the products and the space can relate to each other in a free and independent way......more


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