Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Store Interior Design | Soft Brutalism | Manhattan New York City | Leong & Leong

The concept store, designed in collaboration with fashion designer Siki Im, radically transforms the existing space and breaks down the traditional norms of retail and exchange. The existing structure is filled end to end with a large ramp-form that creates a gathering space with undefined programmatic possibilities. Soy-based spray foam creates a supple surface for inhabitation. Visitors must remove their shoes before entering the space. Small niches and ledges are carved into the foam to create areas for display and seating. The clothes are embedded beneath the ramp on either end, encouraging visitors to explore the limits of the space and experience the garments in a very intimate environment........more

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Shop Interior Design | Void General Store & Vezpa Pizzas | Rio | Brazil | Tavares Duayer

Void General Store & Vezpa Pizzas is the second store that mixes the two Rio brands.It sells everything, from pizza, beer to tennis shoes and toothbrush. It was designed for the contemporary public who enjoy fashion, skate and nightlife. The project was designed from the premise DIY - Do it Yourself. Concrete, steel and demolition wood print marks Urban DNA. Part of the vintage furniture was mined in old iron houses and thrift stores and cariocas. The simple language of the finishes, in addition to the apparent installations, served as a backdrop for the organization and exhibition of the products......more


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