Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Restaurant Interior Design | Rosso Trattoria |Columbia | South Carolina | Studi ZLR

Rosso Trattoria features an open kitchen with a wood-fired grill and wood-burning oven. The interior material palette features deep red painted walls and red accent eco-resin panels contrasted against textured wood. Interior lighting is designed to accentuate the warm materials and create an elegant and warm setting. Red and black leather chairs make for comfortable seating while two large high-top tables and a wrap-around bar provide room for gathering..........more

Monday, May 28, 2012

Store Interior Design | Calypso | Michael Neumann Architecture

This store has the smart yet casual atmosphere of a French seaside boutique. Tin ceilings, weathered wood beams, tung-oiled oak floors, and plaster walls are the primary finishes with accents of white-washed poplar, sea-salted steel, and sun-bleached wood. The central 'lounge' area displays a lifestyle mix of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and furniture. Whitewashed wood fitting rooms are dramatically draped in raw linen. A hanging bed of oak planks and nautical ropes is the focal point of the home collection area.........more

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flagship Store Interior Design | Max Mara | Soho | New York | FZAD

As a repeat client FZAD is proud to announce its first “out of the ground” two story building in New York City located in Soho on the corner of West Broadway and Prince for Max Mara. Its a design collaboration with Duccio Grassi Architects form Italy. The project is very unique and modern in design offers state of the art technological innovations for the 21st century. For example there is a 600 square foot skylight supported by glass fins and stainless steel “fingers”.........more


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