Monday, October 31, 2011

Bar Interior Design | Bar Epice | Tokyo | Keiji Ashizawa Design

Bar Epice is a wine bar in a half basement near Roppongi crossing which is located in one of Tokyo’s more affluent area.
In order to design the longest bar counter possible using Bubinga wood in a small triangulated plane area of 26 square meters while also providing a standing counter from concrete on the opposite side, the bar counter is placed diagonally across the space.To emphasize the two counters and to use the small space effectively, the bar stools are cantilevered off the wall under the bar counter.A 4 meter long lighting equipment hung over the counter is made to light up the bar only without creating any shadows........more

Theatre Interior Design | Theater Klauss Vianna | Brazil | Arquitetos Associados

The renovation of Theater Klauss Vianna was determined by the necessity of remodelling the internal finishing of the main room, improving its acoustic qualities and eliminating the conflict between the entrance to the theater and to the office tower. To solve this problem, a lateral store was proposed to be converted in an independent entrance for the theater, although not directly connected with its foyer. In order to minimize this contradiction, the new entrance was designed as a tube that orientates the flows to the foyer. Along the path, a ticket office and a coffee shop complete the complex..........more

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hotel Interior Design | Exedra Nice Hotel | Nice | France | Iosa Ghini Associati

The building that houses the luxury hotel is a majestic building full of stucco facade and elegant decor. The lot is located in the heartof Nice, along the grand boulevard Victor Hugo. The project involves the recovery of the right side of the building, where the ground floor of the hotel are made spaces such as bars,convention center and breakfast room.
The concept that gives life to the project is a contemporaryinterpretation of the lines from the Belle Epoque style that characterize the historic housing wealth. To create this fusionmaterials used were comfortable, capable of evoking intenseatmosphere, Italian style own. Design element is the constantcreation of surfaces and light installations placed along the wallsand ceilings on several floors, emphasizing the qualities of space........more

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Ferrari Stores | Iosa Ghini Associati

The Ferrari Stores have the ambition to not only shops, but the collection points of the history and spirit of Ferrari, which is expressed - through the forms, finishes and materials - the dual soul of the racing world and the world luxury. The project guidelines, and soft dynamics, stem directly from the forms ofracing cars and sedans Ferrari and also a sense of speed that starts Marinetti's futuristic aesthetic, to define a simple design but expressive.
This elegant futurism is enhanced by the idea of ​​movingmultimedia and images......more

Monday, October 24, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Pio Pio Restaurant | New York City | Sebastian Mariscal

The discovery of a finely crafted wooden box set into an existing building on 10th Ave. immediately defines the initial intentions of this design: mystery, discovery, and contradiction.
The visitor enters this rustic wooden box and is removed from the noisy Manhattan streets. An exquisite marble host-table floats within the space enclosed in reclaimed wood. However, this is only a glimpse of what exists beyond. The limited view increases the tension and desire for exploration......more

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jewellery Store Interior Design | David Yurman | Madison Avenue | New York City | Moss and Lam

Gradate of monochrome colour with fine aggregate plaster and hand brushed lacquer in three storeys stairwell atrium and feature wall bevelled panels....more

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Waku Ghin | Marina Bay | Singapore | JZA+D

As a new dining space this restaurant project called for conceptual design, design development, construction document review and coordination, and partial construction administration. JZA+D collaborated with world famous Chef Tetsuya Wakuda in establishment of the floor plan, finishes, fixtures, and equipment. This project presented a unique challenge as the restaurant space was constricted by other venues within the Marina Bay Sands property. The resulting narrow linkage in the middle of the space called for a creative design solution. JZA+D manipulated the corridor walls against each other and in opposition which resulted in curving forms that transform what was potentially a narrow and unwelcoming corridor into a dynamic centerpiece that ties the whole restaurant together.......more

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shoe Shop Interior Design | Sneakerology | Sydney | Australia | Facet Studio

In each of the 200mm x 600mm boxes, one by one, sneakers are carefully collected. The boxes are repeated, and offset by half unit on each level, and carried through repeatedly over an entire wall. Something which has little meaning on its own, when repeated 281 times over, it creates a euphoric effect for one to experience a heightened emotion. The merchandises neatly displayed in the fashion similar to the museum artefacts; through touch panels centrally located within the shop, one can gain further understanding of the background stories of the merchandises. Although there is really no such field of study as “sneaker-ology”, by placing our design focus on ways to correctly understanding the merchandises, it is for us an attempt at capturing “sneakers” in a scholarly fashion. .......more

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Office Interior Design | Hearst Corporation | Hearst Tower | New York | Adamson Associates Architects

Strategically located in the heart of the Columbus Media District, the Hearst Tower is a landmark within the surrounding urban fabric. Essentially composed of three principle elements, the restored landmark facades, the new state-of-the-art office tower, visually separated by continuous perimeter glass skylights and clerestory windows. The existing landscaped courtyard has been transformed into an animated interior environment, housing the corporate amenity areas and incorporating the existing processional entrance lobby......more

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Japanese Restaurant Interior Design | Shibuya Station | Japan | Two Plus A

Located on the site of a few minutes walk from Shibuya station, a restaurant serves high-rise housing.
High in the sky above the clouds, fog-filled green / ever changing levels, living space + shop (salon relaxation room).
Glossy surfaces reflect the landscape over and over again, like a mirage phenomenon.
Scale changes as you move around the room (to scale the physical sense) of the green graphics, green translucent walls. Light leakage is also reflected in many layers, turn into mist / green......more

Restaurant Interior Design | Cocoro | New Zealand | Gascoigne Associates

Cocoro is the ‘little sister’ of well-known Japanese hotspot Soto in Ponsonby. The décor includes charcoal carpet with subtle tatami-style matting, sandblasted concrete ceilings, macrocarpa slats and a large dining table in the middle of the room where diners sit side-by-side. All of the selected materials are recyclable. The result is a space that has a contemporary Japanese feel and compliments the tapas style menu with its simplicity......more

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apartment Interior Design | The Painted Apartment | Chicago | Illinois | Krueck Sexton Architects

This Chicago apartment overlooks Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan. The client was no longer interested in living with paintings hanging on the walls but wanted to be surrounded by an integral work of art: to live within a painting.

Walls of backlit glass block, furniture, storage cabinets and perforated metal screens combine to define the plan. The floors, walls and ceiling are finished with a highly reflective paint that extends the space vertically. Accent colors on the floor dissolve into stenciled dots, horizontally extending the vertical geometry of screen partitions. Curving glass-block walls are illuminated from within and provide lighting. Functional separations are created by sliding panels and wardrobes, which are finished with highly polished metallic automobile paints........more


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