Saturday, April 30, 2011

Office Interior Design | Maharam | Dallas | Fernlund + Logan Architects

In Downtown Dallas a ground floor former restaurant in a 1980ʼs office building was converted into offices and a showroom for the textile company Maharam.The site located on a corner and partially facing an inner courtyard had an abundance of natural light, but needed a new storefront. To open the space tothe streetlarge glass windows and doors were added between the existing concrete columns. Within the irregular geometry of the building, a sequence ofrectangular spaces were arranged defining circulation routes as well as public and private uses. Interior glass walls partitioned meeting areas from the openoffice and showroom. Service areas divide the
showroom from an open sample storage area for fabric samples. A precise arrangement of the furniture further organizes the open space for its various uses.....more

House Interior Design | Bellevue Hill | dKO Architecture

A Spanish Mission facade hides a minimalist interior.
Spaces that seamlessly flow from inside to outside and that have been designed to maximise the million dollar views while also providing a sense of intimacy and sense of home.
The palette does not intend to challenge the user, but rather encase them lightly. The emphasis on function and the use of natural light was aimed to create space and openness with a paired back contemporary interior to suit all future occupants.

Ultimately the resultant aim was to indulge in a monochromatic home of smooth surfaces and planes, light and shadow......more

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Dada Cafe | Superstudio Group

Distinguished by Flavio Lucchini's big golden sculpture-panels, Superstudio Più's Dada Cafè, offers a daily lunch and bar service. With a luminously elegant environment and Slide's design elements, Dada Café stands out as the favorite get-together of creative and fashion people, where – among art, design and fashion references – they can enjoy fresh home-made Mediterranean cuisine.....more

Showroom Interior Design | Symbol Technologies | San Jose | California | Mark English Architects

Symbol Technologies is a company that makes Bar Code Scanners, Mobile Computers, RFID and wireless technology products for Government and diverse Business clients. The Demonstration Room is a place where presentations of products and services are made to prospective Industry clients. The presentations include displays of actual product such as hand-held scanners, as well as video presentations on screen. The design of the room includes illuminated display niches in a curving cherry wall for objects, and LCD TV screens behind glass for graphic presentation.............more

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sports Hall | Marina Resort Landal Lipno | Factor Architecten

The Marina Resort Landal Lipno is located at the end of the promenade facing a lake.
The building comprises of a tropical pool, a small competition pool, a sauna and a wellness areas. Apart from that there's a children's paradise with climbing wall and children's nursery.
The functions is not only available to Resort Marina Lipno but are also open to locals and other resorts.

The undulating roof line blends well with the wooded hills around the lake. Due to the large glass wall it seems that the pool is part of the Lipno lake.....more

Showroom Interior Design | CeasarStone | DBA

This showroom project explores the requirements of a partition wall that takes a special threshold position. In a longitudinal gap, it separates the space of a large warehouse into two units and has to meet requirements on several levels: it must, for example, separate the showroom area from the offices, reduce different levels of transparency and seclusion, integrate a reception area and, finally, develop a visual interior that contrasts with how timber framing has so far been interpreted. This versatility is realised by a construction system consisting of a wall made of carefully layered, two-inch-thick, plastic-laminated wooden ribs. The plasticity of this construction meets the different requirements by allowing for the integration of different volumes. At the same time it represents an aesthetically well-thought-out solution.....more

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Office Interior Design | Lindsays WS Solicitors | Reiach and Hall Architects

Space planning and interior fit-out for Edinburgh legal firm.........more

Showroom Interior Design | Meritalia | Milan | Mario Bellini Architect

Renovation and re-mounting of the showroom Meritalia in Milan.....more

Year:2008 - 2009
Typology:Exhibition space
Location:Milan, Italy

Client:Meritalia Spa
Budget:1.7 million €
Total Area/Surface/Volume:1000 sq m

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | McNally Jackson Café | New York | Front Studio Architects

The owner of McNally Jackson Books, one of the largest independent booksellers in downtown Manhattan, wished to re-conceptualize the café and seating area as a place evocative of literature. The newly realized space creates visceral connections to the act of reading in each programmatic function.....more

Cafe Interior Design | Salon B | Montréal | naturehumaine

Type: Bibliocafé and art gallery
Location: 4231 St-Laurent Blvd., Montréal
Finalist for an Institute of Design Montréal award in 2005
On the right side, a huge table gives people the chance to get together, chat and talk. Behind, on display for curious clients, are books that are ready to be taken from the shelves, then read or skimmed through.
On the left side, bare walls are waiting to be adorned by art pieces: an empty space ideal for contemplation. Facing each other, books and art pieces are engaged in a dialogue.
On the street side, a huge picture window has been set in an alcove, so clients can enjoy the sun while reading a book, comfortably seated, or looking at the people strolling on St-Laurent Boulevard......more

Monday, April 25, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Moonsoon Restaurant | Sapporo | Japan | Zaha Hadid

For a two-fold programme of formal eating and relaxed lounging an opposition of moods was created. The result is two synthetic and strange worlds: fire and ice. Inspired by the seasonal ice buildings of Sapporo, the ground floor features cool-greys materialised in glass and metal. Tables are sharp fragments of ice: a raised floor level drifts like an iceberg across the space. Above the ice chamber whirls a furnace of fire, rendered in searing reds, brilliant yellows and exuberant oranges. A spiral above the bar tears through the ground-floor ceiling, curling up to the underside of the upper-level dome like a fiery tornado bursting through a pressure vessel. A plasma of biomorphic sofas accommodates eating and lounging and allows an infinite configuration of seating types with movable trays and plug-in sofa backs.......more

Retail Interior Design | RENÉ LEZARD | Dan Pearlman

Individuality and modernity, style and taste, creativity in detail – RENÉ LEZARD unites all of this into one. Such an approach can be seen in the collections as well as the RENÉ LEZARD shop design. Developed by us, the shop concept and design conveys timelessness and a sense of well being that customers have been enjoying at the Outlet Center Zweibrücken since October.....more

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Office Interior Design | YNNO workplace | sprikk

YNNO advises on innovative methods of working and the environments that support these. Their expertise follows the conceptions of the “new ways of working”. As their best reference sprikk planned the office that embodies these notions.
Since their consultants spend more time at their client’s than in the office, YNNO asked for a workplace that functions as a home base rather than a conventional office. A working environment was created that suits the nature of the consultant's way of working in which communication and networking play a vital role. The floorplan is kept entirely open with the exception of two acoustically separated glass volumes. This stimulates free movement, spontaneous encounters and flexible uses while allowing for lots of natural light. In this open plan organically shaped birchwood structures were placed that form partitions, niches, storage spaces and bookshelves. By applying one material and a single construction method a coherent appearance of the space is created, that still offers a diversity of working places with gradations in open and closed character. The natural, haptic qualities of these birchwood structures form a contrast to the high-end communication- and presentation technologies that were applied throughout the space......more

Cafe Interior Design | iCream | Chicago | Illinois | STL

The concept of iCream is to provide, fresh-made, customized ice cream. The technology that makes it possible drove the concept behind this project, a 1200 square foot retail store in Chicago. To design a space that showed off the store’s liquid-nitrogen based cryogenic technology while paying homage to the lineage of American ice cream parlors, STL designed a sleek, colorful interior that puts the process on display for the customer. Patrons use a touch screen to design their frozen treat and then watch its creation behind the counter.
Constructed on a tight budget, drywall, plastic laminate, and stainless steel cryogenic tubing were the extent of what STL had to work with in this project, and aside from the long, narrow space in which the store is sited, represented our greatest challenge. At iCream, a trip to the ice cream shop is transformed into a tasteful culinary event.........more

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Office Interior Design | Modular Arts | Seattle | Washington | Heliotrope

Modular Arts is a Seattle-based company that designs and produces technologically advanced gypsum based 3-dimensional wall panel materials used by designers worldwide. Their growing business recently relocated to a light-industrial building with accommodations for both office and manufacturing functions. Heliotrope was brought in to collaborate on the office interior tenant improvement, which required replacement of all existing finishes, systems and furnishings. The project had a very tight budget and was built by the Modular Arts crew rather than by a general contractor. Our design strategy consisted of simple details, durable finishes and a liberal use of the company’s products - allowing the tenant-builder to execute the work within their comfort zone. Furnishings are mostly purchased second-hand, and the front desk sourced from a local wood salvage company.

Office Interior Design | Maharam | Atlanta | Fernlund + Logan Architects

A former single story paint factory with an exposed 25' high wood ceiling and continuous skylights was converted into a showroom and offices for a textile company. A director's office and conference room
are partitioned off with glass walls while a service core is wrapped with a long storage wall treated as furniture. Composed of regularly spaced repetitive stacked U-shaped elements, the interior of the wall serves as fabric sample storage compartments, while the exterior functions as screening element from the service areas. The is project received a silver rating from the "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" (LEED) green building rating system.....more

Retail Interior Design | Vera Wang Boutique New York | Gabellini Sheppard

The new Vera Wang boutique, in a historic cast-iron building in Manhattan's landmark Soho district, reflects and extends the designer's sensibility of elegant, performative luxury. The 2,000-square-foot, two-level environment is infused with light and based on the dynamic qualities of a white box theater, an infinitely changeable space that shapes a variety of narratives. The design comprises three main areas: the storefront area, considered as a proscenium stage, followed by the middle-stage main collection, and continuing with the backstage collection and changing areas......more

Friday, April 22, 2011

Retail Interior Design | The Fun Factory Store | Berlin | Germany | Karim Rashid

Fun Factory's sexy toy forms are sculptural, sensual, organic, smart and tasteful. The Fun Factory store came from these objects and the idea of creating landscapes for toys, for play, and a multitude of sexual behaviors, and a blurring of these needs and desires. The space is a dynamic organism, fluid, technorganic, calming yet daring, sensual yet approachable, erotic yet inviting.

\Client: Fun Factory GMBH
Facilities: Two floors of retail space, Private dressing area, Cafe and Lounge
Area: 200 sqm
Awards: Red Dot Communication - Information Design/Public Space
Design period: August - December 2009
Construction Period: November 2009 - April 2010......more

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Palace of International Forums | Uzbekistan | Ippolito Fleitz Group

The Palace of International Forums »Uzbekistan«stands on Amir Timur Square in the very centre of Tashkent. The country’s most important representative building is designed as a platform for hosting acts of state, congresses, conferences and other cultural highlights.

Our task was to give the interior a contemporary form, while incorporating elements from traditional Uzbek architecture. The result is a cosmopolitan, communicative interior clothed in exclusive materials. Planar ornamentation, organic movement, crystals, precious metals and a fascinating interplay of artificial and natural light all become a source of inspiration. ....more

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Gallery Interior Design | 176 | London | Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Built as the Central Methodist Chapel in 1867 and later used as the North London Drama Centre the building has been sensitively transformed into a new experimental exhibition space in London’s Chalk Farm. A curatorial attitude to ‘building as backdrop’ has led to a light-touch approach to the refurbishment ensuring that the fabric of the building, which has evolved over time, is retained, revealed and where appropriate built upon......more

Club Interior Design | Sutton-the club | Barcelona | Spain | Lagranja Design

The design breaks with the radial distribution created by the arrangement of boxes around a “theatrical” stage.
The new space is characterised by an open layout using “topographical” distribution to create different areas. Two private spaces: a platform with sofas, which has the feel of a chill-out zone, and a terrace-balcony with large LED lamps that change color.
The space reinvents itself through its fittings and fine details: a pair of out-of-scale sofas, multiple tube lamps, light tables, two-way mirrors, inflatable clouds that illuminate a bar, a floor in the entrance that reinterprets the urban pavements of Barcelona, an XXL-sized clock, and so on. An ordered chaos for a nocturnal space.....more

Apartment Interior Design | Private Residence | Saladaeng | Thailand | dwp design worldwide

dwp was commissioned to design a duplex penthouse residence occupying levels 13 and 14 of a luxury condo building on Soi Saladaeng.
The client sought a modern home that is spacious, open and bright, and to integrate high technology audio visual and environmental control functions.

To create an open atmosphere, a new full height glazed fa็ade was installed allowing natural light and panoramic views. A new staircase between the levels improves circulation. White floor and wall finishes are complimented by natural and warm furnishings and textiles........more

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dental Clinic Interior Design | Brite Smile Dental Clinic | Thailand | dwp design worldwide

Not a dental clinic but a dental spa’ was the brief for this project. dwp met this challenge through the bringing together of modern, clean design with softening graphics and colourful furnishing. The result, a modern clinic that has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for the patient...........more

Hotel Interior Design | Hotel Gault Montréal | Québec | yh2

Hotel Gault is the result of the conversion of a commercial building in Old Montreal into a thirty-room hotel. Uncluttered by ostentation, the hotel is defined by spaciousness, light and the balance between the architectural features.

Elements of the original structures are brought to the fore: a vast open space on the ground floor, with cast-iron columns and huge windows. The new vocation is expressed within the Second Empire style building in a pure, contemporary language in which the raw materials (steel, concrete, stucco and wood) are balanced with the original elements.....more

Monday, April 18, 2011

Club Interior Design | Club Sugar | Santa Monica | California | John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

Social Mixer: This 3,000 square foot interior investigates the nightclub’s role as a “social mixer,” a place that encourages cultural integration, curiosity, and inclusion.

See and Be Seen: The space was designed to intensify the looking at and meeting of people – to both reinforce and poke fun at the narcissistic and voyeuristic behavior inherent in a nightclub. To this end, it brings people together in surprising ways, such as the space in the polycarbonate “tunnel” that allows people to see inside the restrooms through clear acrylic doors......more


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