Friday, November 30, 2018

IT Shop Interior Design | B&O PLAY | Copenhagen | Johannes Torpe Studios

The design concept was based on two primary ideas; the first being the in-store user interaction with the products; we wanted the costumer to be able to test the products with ease and enjoyment. Focus was hence placed on creating a product display design that was welcoming and accessible, inviting the costumer to touch and play and therefore ensuring an unintimidating product experience for the client.....more

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Office Interior Design | Che Proximity | Melbourne |, Australia | Bates Smart

Bates Smart was appointed to design the new workplace for CHE Proximity, part of the Clemenger Group. The new tenancy consists of 1,880 sqm over Levels 8 and 9 at 650 Chapel Street, with a 120 sqm south facing terrace on Level 9.

Unlike most other agencies, CHE Proximity has an in-house data analytics team which drives the generation of intelligent, data-led solutions. Their unique positioning is focused around the agency philosophy of ‘Creative Intelligence’. The brief called for the new workplace to be a modern environment that is connected to ‘now’, the immediacy and connectivity to the data and the energy of the world.....more

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tapas Restaurant Interior Design | Les Algues Chill & Drinks | dom arquitectura

The aim of the project is to renovate and re-purpose the first floor of Roses ‘Hotel Maritim’ in a tapas and drinks bar.

The hotel is located on the seafront of Roses, a traditional fishing village, specifically on the beach promenade. The main objective is to give ‘Mediterranean character’ to the new space. The first floor used to be a closed interior space and a small outside terrace, of 3m wide, divided by a line of sliding doors. The key idea was to eliminate that division understanding the space as a unique covered outer space. For that purpose, we placed on the façade’s edge glass curtains, sliding and folding panels such as those of ‘See Glass’. This move allowed us to unify the whole space, without any frame or division, connecting it to the outside beach promenade and the sea......more

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Office Interior Design | Imedia | Bourgeois & Lechasseur architectes

The project proposes the complete redevelopment of the ground floor for the new offices of Imédia including a conference room, a dining area, closed offices, an open area as well as spaces offered for rent to other contractors.
The wooden slats on the ceiling create a canopy above the open area and allow the luminaires to be integrated and help reduce the reverberation of the sounds in the space.

The desire to give access to natural light to all employees has made it possible to draw the outline of the plan organization. The open area is located on the windows side, while in the center of the offices, which are closed to the project managers and project managers.....more

Monday, November 26, 2018

Restaurant Interior Design | Olio Restaurant | Sydney | Australia | LAVA

Sicily.. luscious green olive oil, a leisurely stroll in the afternoon.

These are the ingredients that have inspired the design of Olio Kensington Street, a restaurant in inner Sydney by LAVA.

Sicilian-born award-winning chef Lino Sauro is bringing his cuisine, based on traditional recipes from his family, newly interpreted, to Sydney. He uses very few ingredients and wants each ingredient to be visible and detectable.

Sicily’s passeggiata and extra virgin green olive oil are the two connecting elements that bring the space inside the 19thc Old Rum Store together......more

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cocktail Bar Interior Design | Isola | Milan | MARG studio

The project develops the concept of a small cocktail bar in the heart of the Isola neighborhood in Milan, where the young owners wanted to create for them and their customers a clean and warm place. The dog friendly local focuses on the idea of ​​typography, on the letters, on the significance of craftsmanship and the fineness of things "made by hand".......more

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pastry Shop Interior Design | GELATO DEL VIALE | Caravaggio | MARG studio

A complete restyling of a historic restaurant located in Caravaggio.

The project, aimed at keeping only small details of the original room, develops on the concept of ready made, of the fresh and simple and at the same time with a pinch of timeless elegance.

The young owner, winner of famous patisserie awards, wanted for his restaurant a complete restyle in the finishes to start off with enthusiasm towards a new era of "the ice cream of the avenue"

10x10 white enamel gress with black joint, milk white lacquered metal structures with black ebony display surfaces and the color of sugar paper make this place a welcoming and elegant place both for a particular ice-cream cup and for an aperitif.....more

Friday, November 23, 2018

Commercial Space Intervention |Music | The Place | Changning District | Shanghai | China | 100 Architects

Designed to revitalize an interior space of a commercial building with the “Music” theme creating many interactive lighting features to be openly used by anyone.........more

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ice Cream Shop Interior Design | Ice Cream Laboratory | Milan | Italy | Studio Work

The renovation of a small shop that revolves around the figure of its master craftsman. An architectural and communication project in collaboration with the graphic studio Atto.
In artisan workshops, the expert has a fundamental role: Curzio, the shop's master ice-cream maker, gives value to the product with his skills. Starting from an observation of his attentive and scientific work method, the work focuses on the concept of "ice-cream workshop", in which the sales space and the manufacturing area are merged......more

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Office Interior Design | Bakken & Bæck | KVISTAD

Bakken & Bæck have been growing fast the last years, so naturally more office space were needed. Kvistad developed the interior concept "Scandinavian Spaceship"—a union of spaceage, futurism and scandinavian lines.

In this red room — The Sauna — All of the pillows and matrasses are designed and hand made by us.

Many ideas are taken from space faring vessels: All floors, walls and ceiling are painted in the same color, to give a feeling that everything is molded in the same material.......more

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Office Interior Design | Expensify, Portland Office | Portland | Oregon | ZGF

Every space in the sky-lit four-story atrium, complete with classic columns, giant bank vaults, and Art Deco details, functions as the workplace. Seating is unassigned, conference rooms are unbookable, and employees choose where to sit depending on their individual style, mood, and the task at hand. The main floor includes a kitchen stocked with snacks, kombucha-on-tap, and a living room area with overstuffed ottomans, while a custom 41-foot wood and brass inlaid communal table presides over an adjacent zone. Upstairs, the boardroom channels a modern Mad Men aesthetic, and a speakeasy-style salon with mirror-clad walls is located through a set of hidden doors. On the third floor, an oak wood village, designed with forms reminiscent of Scandinavian building techniques and style, offers community and individual seating for private calls and heads-down work......more

Monday, November 19, 2018

Colourful Office Interior Design | Acumen's Office 2.0 | Atema Architecture

" Our client is a global non-profit venture capital firm who returned to us following the end of the lease on the first office we designed for them.

We continued the Nomadic Project direction established in Acumen 1.0 including the "Saffron Wave" backlit ceiling canopy, whose main components were cut off-site by a CNC mill, then painted, assembled, and installed by a combination of client and architect labor; the fabric ceiling-hung panels; and custom reception and dining area with dark stained hardwood and colorful cushions.......more


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