Saturday, December 31, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Grado | Manchester | England | Roger Stephenson Architects

Roger Stephenson Architects was appointed by Heathcotes Restaurants to design a high end Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manchester’s city centre. Roger Stephenson Architects created a bright, contemporary and welcoming space where a mix of banquettes, booth seats and centre floor tables sit comfortably against a contemporary design which combines timbers, natural stones and plush leathers. Lighting, supplied by large ivory pendants, provides an intimate atmosphere against a back drop of American Walnut and a "theatre" kitchen allows diners to experience the excitement of the kitchen which sits adjacent to the bar area where pre dinner drinks and tapas are served........more

Friday, December 30, 2011

Office Interior Design | Dandra Offices | Salford | Manchester | UK | Hodder and Partners

Located within the Lowry Hotel, Salford, the proposal creates 988m 2 of office accommodation on three levels. The basement office consists of a linear open plan office arrangement with staff and WC facilities located parallel to this space. The ground floor office is divided into three distinct zones, with the creation of a new mezzanine deck, which provides an additional third level of office accommodation above. Behind the new façade, public sales and reception spaces provide a frontage to the river and public domain. Behind these spaces the mezzanine runs centrally along the spine of the existing space, creating semi-public meeting spaces underneath the deck. This central spine of accommodation in turn screens private office space to the rear. It is also the services conduit for the whole, thereby maximising flexibility within the offices......more

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Club Interior Design | Albertinapassage | Vienna | Austria | Soehne and Partner Architects

The new dinnerclub Albertinapassage in Vienna opened this December. Söhne & Partner renovated the Albertinapassage and designed the interieur as they already did at the Babenberger Passage in 2002. Distinct design makes this club unique......more

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shop Interior Design | Buzzer Beater | New York | Slade Architecture

BUZZER BEATER is a high-end consignment store in New York’s Greenwich Village that specializes in rare sneakers and apparel. There is no back-inventory -- everything on display has its own unique history. We designed the store to reflect the nature of its eclectic and highly personal inventory.

The store’s closely populated space allows for an intimate experience for customers that blurs the distinction between employee and customer. Because the stores sales are made on consignment, buyers can become the sellers and sellers can become the buyers. Recognizing the importance of this interaction within Buzzer Beater’s community, we designed many of the store’s features to be equally as engaging......more

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clubhouse Interior Design | Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse | Korea | Shigeru Ban Architects

The Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse is a 16,000-squaremeter facility that serves a golf course. It has an underground level and three floors above grade. There is a main building, VIP lobby building, and a structure with private suites. The atrium and the upper portion of the main building include timber columns and a glass curtain wall, while the base is made of stone (random rubble masonry typical of Korea). The timber area includes the reception zone, a member’s lounge, and a party room. The stone podium houses locker rooms, bathrooms, and service areas. The roof over the main building measures 36 x 72 meters. The unusual tree-like timber columns in the atrium reach to a height of three stories. The partial-timber structure was used to conform to Korean regulations that do not allow timber buildings to exceed 6 000 square meters in size. The first floor of the atrium has 4.5-meter-wide glass shutters that open fully.....more

Monday, December 26, 2011

Lounge Interior Design | Grosvenor Place Ground Plane Refurbishment | Harry Seidler And Associates

The concept for the design of the interior was to build upon the established modernist design principles of the tower’s architecture. Visual tensions created between straight and curved geometries are reinforced with material and finishes selected for contrast of their naturally inherent textures, tones and patterns.
The design solution is anchored by an internally illuminated stone wall located along the line of an existing change in level through the site. This solution enlivened a dim, shaded precinct and established a new visual identity for the property. The hollow interior of the wall accommodates an accessible services spine and reticulation of fresh air supply........more

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Office Interior Design | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia | Slovenia | Sadar Vuga

Panoramic Garden of CCIS project presents the first structural and programmatic intervention into the project already realised by our office. The large summer banquet terrace is to be glazed and extended into the current VIP room. Thus we formed an inner interior winter garden, where a spatial ribbon carries the troughs and baskets with lush tropical greenery, wherefrom one can enjoy a magnificent view of the city centre. Besides the vertical executive business and club rooms it also represents the most attractive interior space in the CCIS. It may be characterised as a new type of the business and club room that is intended for events such as ceremonial receptions, award-granting ceremonies, banquet luncheons as well as for meetings of extended management team.........more

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visitor Information Centre Interior Design | NYC Visitor Information Center | New York | WXY Studio

Designed by WXY and Local Projects, the new NYC Visitor Information Center just north of Times Square transforms a storefront into an "information space", seamlessly integrating media design and architecture to meet visitors at any level of engagement. The Center is a portal for New York, where people discover an array of local experiences.

The view from the street pulls the visitor into the information architecture. The graphic banding of floor and walls creates a foreshortened perspective to simulate the city experience within the Center.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Qubik bar Monfalcone Kinemax | Monfalcone | Italy | Waltritsch a + u

Qubik Monfalcone is one of the concept bars of a new brand of selected blends named Qubik caffè.
This Qubik bar is located inside a cinema multiplex, in a context similar to a commercial center or an airport, without windows or outdoor spaces. The silk-screened colored glass envelope provides a sober and elegant atmosphere to welcome the passer by. A long black cantilevered Corian counter act as
catalyst into the atrium of the multiplex, while a bench and a few chairs provides a more intimate alcove. In between there is the Kubo, a monolith-counter on wheels. Particular care was devoted to the presentation of the goods of the brand, following the Quality Boutique Caffè concept: an illuminated lantern, like a sugar cube terminates the suspended bar counter, while different color glass shelves are marking the glass cladded walls, and a shopper-rack over the cash desk is ready for those willing to buy the brand products........more

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Office Interior Design | Office Reappraisal | London | UK | Uchida Findlay

The headquarters of an advertising agency where the brief required a series of brainstorming, formal desk-work, meeting spaces and relax zones.
Spread over five floors of an existing office building in South London, the client wanted a design solution to harmonise the office interiors, developing a sense of corporate identity throughout, while keeping this within a strict budget.
The resolution of the design came from looking at the key working areas, rather than simply focusing on the entrance and reception space. It created a multitude of flowing spaces and won special commendation at The Times / Gestetner Digital Office Collection 2001......more

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Dim Sum Bar |Quito | Ecuador | Houde Sousa

Our primary objective was to design a restaurant with an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere that feels both contemporary and classic. This approach was born out of a close collaboration with the client, and in many ways arose from a set of furniture the client had previously purchased for the space. Because the chairs have such a distinctive appearance, we choose to design the restaurant harmoniously around the chairs themselves, rather than impose a new but conflicting style. Consisting of white leather cushions set on dark wood frames, the chairs most notably feature a ribbed backrest. These ribs, or stripes, closely resemble the dark security bars of the existing windows. This simple formal concurrence was enough to guide the remainder of the project.........more

Friday, December 16, 2011

Office Interior Design | Education Executive Agency And Tax Offices | Groningen | The Netherlands | UN Studio

The design for the Education Executive Agency and Tax Office building, accommodating 2,500 employees, reflects and caters for the separate identities of both user groups, whilst simultaneously creating synergy by means of shared use of secondary spaces – among which underground parking facilities, public gardens, a central hall and a pavilion for commercial functions. The aerodynamic form of the building has been achieved as the result of extensive sun and wind studies. The terraces, rounded corners and façade design guarantee minimum disruption to the microclimate of the surrounding urban green space, known as the ‘Sterrenbos’, whilst integrating sun shading, wind regulation, daylight penetration and construction in one concept, with the result that both material and energy use are minimised........more

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Retail Store Interior Design | Dog Spa | Bubbly Paws | St. Louis Park | Minnesota | U+B

U+B was asked to design a self-serve dog spa in a prominent retail store area. Successfully integrating pre-fabricated dog-wash tubs within a playful and colorful environment, this welcoming build-out invites canines and their owners in for dog washing and grooming minus the mess.......more

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Office Interior Design | The National Audit Office | London | TP Bennet

The National Audit Office (NAO) occupies a Grade II listed 1930s building which was originally Airways House, built as a London terminal, close to Victoria Station. Extended in the 1950s (by tp bennett) and further refurbished in the 1980s for the NAO, the building was again comprehensively refurbished to provide office space for 850 staff, a meeting and training suite, business lounge, fitness suite and new restaurant. The restaurant, located on the ground floor, provides an alternative environment for its staff to come together away from the office floors that can be utilised throughout the day. Statement feature lights and vibrantly coloured perspex create a striking environment for staff to enjoy a variety of food options.........more

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Library Interior Design | Copenhagen Library | COBE

The new culture house consists of four clearly defined programs: a children’s library, a youth library, a library for adults and a concert hall. These four functions are stacked on top of each other like a series of golden “books”. Each "book" is a world of its own with individual interiors and furnishment. The spaces between the books are open zones for flexible use. This gives a varied coherence between open and closed spaces. The open spaces are marked by the immediate context and the closed areas as completely choreographed places. .......more

Monday, December 12, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Phamish | Sydney | Facet Studio

Phamish is a Vietnamese Restaurant located at Darlinghurst, Sydney. We were approached by the owners to create a new image for Phamish using elements of “chrysanthemum” and “gold”. As we have had extremely limited space to work with, we started by thinking that if the “new image” we were creating not only serves as graphic design, it would be fantastic if it could also contribute in creating a sense of expansion in space.
From here we focused on the “partition” as a system which softly defines the spaces and is widely utilised in Asia, then decided to randomly locate five “partitions” which features both “chrysanthemum” and “gold”. As a result a space was formed between “partition” and the existing walls, which is where people can feel the sense of depth. Furthermore, by dividing the chrysanthemums into five panels, the void between the sliced-open chrysanthemums gives room for more imaginary chrysanthemum to form in the human brain.
By designing the effects created by the partitions, the imaginary pictures expand beyond the visible, and we believe this imaginary expansion ultimately links to the expansion in sense of space..............more

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | The Tasting Room | Marina Square | Singapore | Studio SKLIM

A U-shaped band of black volumes reminiscent of wine bottles, encapsulate singular hues while being sandwiched between industrial aesthetics.

The Tastings Room is a new addition to the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, Marina Square with the fine combination of French/Italian bistro cuisine and wine cellar under one roof. The restaurant’s vision was to refresh the perception of wine and food culture in Singapore by providing them at affordable prices. The overall spatial experience sandwiches the crafted black volumes between two layers of industrial aesthetics: exposed ceiling and concrete screed floor, to juxtapose/merge opposing aesthetics of being sophisticated yet affordable.........more

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shop Interior Design | Olo Yogurt Studio | Nob Hill | Albuquerque | New Mexico | Baker Architecture + Design

The self-serve yogurt concept calls for a particular circulation pattern in which customers cycle through the space from the dispensers, to the toppings, to the cashier. The ceiling pattern draws customers in from the street to the yogurt selection at the back of the narrow space.
The progression of the circulation flow is reinforced through a secondary, more subtle, pattern in the floor........more

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bar Interior Design | The Slate Room | Auckland New Zealand | Jose Gutierrez

A fit-out out for a pool hall / bar within a nondescript 1970's building. The brief was to give the existing dated and run down interior of an existing pool hall a new-refreshed look. The main concept was to emphasise the act of playing pool as a performance in itself, to make the pool tables the focus of the space. All natural daylight from the existing windows was blocked out and artificial light was selectively introduced. The result is a dark void with highlights of vivid contrasting colour, the architecture and drama of the space is created by the careful introduction of colour and light.........more

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Office Interior Design | Pocket Gem | San Francisco | Min Day

Taking advantage of large, existing skylights and an exposed wood structure, this 7,000 commercial interior for a mobile game developer combines a fun and flexible office environment with casual spaces for play, relaxation and work. Modular desks sit in the center of an open office surrounded by a lounge, glass-enclosed conference rooms and a large open kitchen. Walls are painted in bright colors or coated with white-board paint. The carpet, an index of activities programmed above, is a composition of carpet tiles developed in our office using parametric software. ........more

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SOHO Interior Design | SOHO Beijing Residence | Beijing | China | Ministry Of Design

Centrally located in Beijing's characteristically cosmopolitan Dong Zhi Men district, the SOHO Beijing Residence introduces the art of sophisticated condominium living for the modern urbanite — a balance of the senses through the harmonious blending of contemporary tones, textures, materials, views and light.

Comprising a series of perfectly appointed living spaces, each unit is designed simultaneously to be timeless and chic, creating a visual balance of soothing earth tones with dark dramatic accent features. Each unit is fully furnished with contemporary well-crafted furniture and fittings, and an exclusive handful of custom designed units were carefully crafted to suit the individual needs of each homeowner. The Beijing Residence is a retreat in the heart of the bustling city, affording panoramic views of downtown Beijing where both the historic and ultra modern meet in union.

This condominium was fully sold within months of its launch in 2009...........more

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gym Interior Design | Space QV | Melbourne | Neil Architecture

The design intent for this project was to develop a narrative that would become the identifying experience of the space. The design concept was to reflect the urban contect of this particular gym, employing a graphic lanuage derived from elements evolved from the process, referencing international sign language and grafffiti with its flowing forms and dynamic expression.
The use of these signifiers introduces street culture to the genre of the gymnasium, producing an autonmous, non-hierachical space that has cross-cultural appeal and gives its members a greater sense of ownership..........more

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Cielito Querido Café | Mexico | Esrawe

CIELITO ® rescues the aesthetic value of popular Latin-American culture, and reinvents it in a Neo-Retro style that fuses graphics from colonial times, both Spanish and French, (present in its fine use of typography), with modern Latin American 50’s media like that from the large department stores (whose marketing was also imported from the Old Continent and the United States), and the contrasting colloquial language of the popular markets and tiny convenient stores, or “tienditas”. All of these elements are subtly integrated, producing a contemporary product, very Latin, and at the same time, universal in appeal.

The concept opens up the possibility of communicating with a broader audience, as it turns it into a timeless product, which is nurtured by its past but also continually seeks to present itself in new, fresh and attractive ways......more

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lawyer's Office Interior Design | Paul Hastings | AECOM

Paul Hastings conducts a global law practice through an international network of offices that links the world's leading financial centers. With more than 800 attorneys in 13 offices serving clients around the world, Paul Hastings's mission is to provide clients with the collective experience and expertise of the entire firm, whether those clients deal with lawyers in a single location or across the firm's network of offices. To this end, Paul Hastings sought to unify the aesthetic of its offices and create a new, vibrant global image and enlisted AECOM's interior designers to accomplish this task.........more

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nightclub Interior Design | Under the Bridge Nightclub | London | AFL Architects

A truly unique music and entertainment venue, offering an unforgettable experience and paying homage to the influence of British popular music over the last 50 years. Working in close conjunction with US Architect Jim Cafarelli, the designer of the famous ‘House Of Blues’ chain, the concept was to create an industrial feel reminiscent of old bridge undercrofts and old warehouses, evoking the type of raw spaces in which many of the UK’s greatest bands performed in their earliest days. Designed and built with the highest attention to detail, and featuring state of the art architectural, audio-visual and lighting specifications, this intimate London venue was completed Christmas 2010.........more


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