Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Cielito Querido Café | Mexico | Esrawe

CIELITO ® rescues the aesthetic value of popular Latin-American culture, and reinvents it in a Neo-Retro style that fuses graphics from colonial times, both Spanish and French, (present in its fine use of typography), with modern Latin American 50’s media like that from the large department stores (whose marketing was also imported from the Old Continent and the United States), and the contrasting colloquial language of the popular markets and tiny convenient stores, or “tienditas”. All of these elements are subtly integrated, producing a contemporary product, very Latin, and at the same time, universal in appeal.

The concept opens up the possibility of communicating with a broader audience, as it turns it into a timeless product, which is nurtured by its past but also continually seeks to present itself in new, fresh and attractive ways......more


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