Thursday, June 30, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | FiveSeven Grille | Houston | Texas | Kirksey Architecture

Kirksey designed the interior space of FiveSeven Grille which is named after two Houston Astros’ star players, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. The space is a multi-level, mixed-use space which encompasses “The Grille” for casual dining and a bar to accommodate mixed drinks. “The Loft” is the upstairs area that has a tequila bar as well as a game area with pool tables, lounge seating and a Wii station. “The Patio” section located outside, in front of the restaurant across the concourse, has a bar with seating and plenty of standing room. The design is inspired by Downtown loft living and working with existing exposed beams, ductwork and steel structure. An existing structural column located in the center of the Grille was re-designed and re-purposed as a central way-finding “beacon” that incorporates large fluorescent fixtures and orange tinted translucent panels. A new “wood-like” porcelain floor was installed along with oversized black and white photography vinyl wallcoverings of the two players........more

Club Interior Design | The Met | Fortitude Valley | Brisbane | Kevin Hayes Architects

The Met in Fortitude Valley is alive and kicking, opening to a hoard of inquisitive and chic thrill-seekers.
The biggest and most sophisticated nocturnal playground in the city was designed by Kevin Hayes Architects and represents a new benchmark in entertainment for Brisbane’s nightclub set.
 The club is spread over three floors and features water walls, Bisazza tiles, recycled timbers and luscious soft furnishings which are lavishly spread across five bars, two dance floors, several private function rooms and a VIP area.........more

Retail Interior Design | Jeans West | Suzhou | China | Sako Architects

‘Jeans West’ is a casual wear brand having 2500 shops in mainland China. This is one of the flagship shops in Suzhou. The shop is on business throughout the year because it is facing a pedestrian zone and the temperature in Suzhou is stable for all seasons. The sales target of the shop is the young people. A ‘dynamic’ space is demanded as a sales drive to attract them. Therefore, the shop should be designed to drag the attraction of young people directing them from the street into the shop..........more

Retail Interior Design | Children Boutique | Marco and Mari Beijing | Sako Architects

Project Type:Boutique
Location: Beijing China
Planning Phase :Completed
Desinning Period: 2009.08-09
Constructing Period : 2009.10-11
Completion : 2009.11.14
Scale: the first floor
Floor Area: 126.8m2


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hair & Beuty Salon | Aguavida hair & beauty | Brighton | UK | Pedra Silva Arquitectos

“… an example of project accuracy and planning capacity which allowed us to execute a project with this degree of complexity, in spite of the geographic distance between Portugal and the UK, delivering the final product on time and within budget… We approached this project with sophistication in mind, which reflects on the solutions and materials used. This allowed us to conceive a space which is both innovative and warm welcoming…”.........more

Retail Interior Design | Clip Concept | Norte Shopping | Porto | Portugal | Pedra Silva Arquitectos

“…winners of an International Tender, this store is a new creation and concept design surfacing as a new reference in multi-brand clothing stores. The space is defined by an urban idea using material such as concrete and raw steel while mixed inertia elements creating fluidity and movement. Distinct details contribute to the fluctuation of the space but linked between them as one whole. A slate wall where customers may draw and leave messages, fitting rooms with doors lacquered in chameleon paint which change colour by the angle of the observer and a large ten square metre screen of abstract images which move to the beat of the invited DJ playing from his DJ POD…”.......more

Exhibition Interior Design | German Pavilion World Expo Shanghai | Milla Interior Design

On their way through the "City in Balance", visitors experience ideas and solutions "Made in Germany" for urban challenges. In its thematic diversity, balancity unfolds itself throughout the exhibition as a sequence of diverging, designed thematic experiential spaces. Many of the exhibits are interactive using state-of-the art interfaces. People are activated and experience for themselves how important it is to maintain a balance - between modernisation and preservation, innovation and tradition, community and the individual, work and leisure and between globalisation and national identity. The interactive show in the Energy Source, an awesome dome like theatre, is the highlight of the tour. In line with the motto "together we can really make a difference", 600 visitors together can influence and bring to life the sphere (3m diameter, 1.2 tons, 400.000 LEDs) and the entire room by calling. The pavilion and its exhibits are an invitation to open dialogue.........more

Retail Interior Design | Efa's Frozen Yogurt | Zweidrei

The mostly classical architectonical syntax is constantly broken by modern and expressive elements. the question how to deal with these dichotomy is therefore answered by the use of different styles. To foster the playfull usage of ornaments and decoration the whole interior is consolidated in a box. This box is cut, placed in the exisiting store, showing its construction layer and becomes a coulisse. By doing so It renders ironic and conceptual idea........more

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Matsu Flagship Store | Shanghai | China | EXH Design

The Matsu Flagship Store is located on the noisy Zhaojiabang Road. To isolate the store from its buzzing environment, we aimed to make it “a store under the trees”. The façade is made of aluminium panels with Gingko leaf patterns. As the sun is gently filtered through the perforated façade and the leaf shadows are cast upon the floor, one feels as if he is wandering amongst the gingko trees. The leaf shapes cut from the aluminium panels were then embedded in the interior concrete floor, allowing people to revel in the romance of fallen leaves.......more

Showroom Interior Design | KLAFS | Zurich | Retail Partners Ltd

Retail Partners Ltd was asked to implement KLAFS showroom in Zurich. From November 2009, customers will find everything they can in the private and professional spa environment only they can dream of in the 700m2 at Bauarena Volketswil-Zurich ........more

Monday, June 27, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Change Maker Shop | Bern | retailpartners

Retail Partners AG was commissioned to design the  Change Maker Shop at the Hospital Street in Bern, which is all about sustainability and fair trade.........more

Corporate Interior Design | CLOSED Headquarters | Carsten Roth Architekt

The relocation of the headquarters of fashion company, CLOSED, led a restructuring of the usual working environment of employees. The existing areas were located in a fragmented and twisty Eppendorfer backyard.
The new approximately 1.400m ² large corporate headquarters with the desired department areas of "design" and "production", two large showrooms, management and accounting, marketing, and conference areas was implemented in the former tram depot at Falkenried in Hamburg.......more

Museum Interior Design | Zoological Museum | Svendborg | Denmark | Arkitekma Architects

The museum provides a new framework for learning about the world of nature. It makes use of the methods of the theatre and film to develop a new exhibition concept for natural history; an exhibition concept in which the visitors themselves are very much part of the exhibition. The museum experience is thereby lifted from one of passive registration to a total experience which engages the visitors and stimulates their senses...........more

Trade fair Stand Design | Hanover Fair 2008 | Milla and Partner

"Talking about Energy" - E.ON at the Hanover Fair 2008. The guiding idea of the trade fair stand concept: a "Market Place of Opinions". Architectural gesture was an Agora, the antique Greek market place, on which E.ON hosted open, controversial discussions in a two-hourly rhythm about various topics of energy production and energy policy with strong participation of the audience. A semi-permeable mirror in full stand width served in a dual function as LED information surface and enormous mirror, reflecting the happening on the stand and doubling the stand space.......more

Apartment Interior Design | Sapporo Hokkaido | Japan | Ground Like

When we visited this apartment before renovation, it felt a bit inconvenient even though the rooms weren't small. Maybe it was because they were filled with the resident's shoes, a bicycle, camping equipment including a portable stove and without anyplace to put these made it look rather messy. Big apartment allowed the resident to spread her belongings around the place.
This remodeling had a small budget so we started by building a wall to divide one room into two rooms, one as a Japanese traditional style dirt floor "doma" and the other as a living room with a wooden floor to give a place for the residents belongings. The 'doma' was stripped bare of all surface material, roof and floor, to give a feeling of being in a garden. The living room was meant to be used as a relaxing space where you can leave your shoes outside and just lie on the floor. This is the end design.......more

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Exhibition Interior Design | Polish Pavilion for the Expo 2010 | WWAA

The interior and the exhibition design of the Polish Pavilion for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai is a continuation of the architectural idea of the form of the building and the details of the facade. The aesthetic concept of the pavilion is brought inside and the folk cut-outs lead the visitors through the entrance into the main hall and then, while transforming into other patterns, are continuously guiding them through all the exhibition. The usage of the cut-out patterns has not only an aesthetic value, but also an educational function associated with the main theme of the EXPO: „better cities-better life”. The cut-outs changing from the folk forms into organic ones and finally into a city-map and industrial patterns are a metaphor of migration of people from countryside into cities. The story that the patterns are suppose to tell is the base for the presented images and films showing Poland through its history, culture, economy and every-day life. The design of the cut-outs goes with the presented on it contents changing along the visitors’ route.......more

Retail Interior Design | Shoebaloo | Amsterdam | MVSA

Shoebaloo, a designer footwear boutique in the Netherlands, has three shoe shops in Amsterdam and is as popular for its shoes as for its cutting-edge interiors. One of the shops is situated in the ultra chic P.C. Hooftstraat. Despite being only 100 square meters, the shop’s high-end shoe collection speaks in measures, including Gucci, Prada, Fendi and miu miu.
The exterior as well as the interior of the remodelled shop are in many ways contrary to the other shops in the P.C. Hooftstraat. In contrast to the usual open shop window concept there is no clear display window. Both the exterior and the interior are designed to attract and tempt new customers.
The closed dark front of the shop is intended to intrigue passers-by. Behind the dark mirror glass of the display windows only a few shoes are visible, illuminated by spotlights. The entrance door mirrors the street and the passer-by. Suddenly the mirror doors slide open and a high-tech space ship-like interior opens up before him..........more

Retail Interior Design | Shoebaloo | Rotterdam | MVSA

The success of the Amsterdam shop led to a second commission for a new store in Rotterdam. Here the shop window is covered with pale green foil in which holes have been cut. Behind the holes are white leather coffers, each displaying a single shoe, spotlit like a precious jewel. Through the coffers it is possible to catch a glimpse of the interior, a large dark space with mirrors and a reflective floor and ceiling. Along the walls the shoes, boots and handbags are displayed in vacuum-formed plastic display cases. Behind the translucent display wall are colour-changing lights.
The central area and the floor surface are empty except for the cash desk and a few organically shaped benches and display cases. The cash desk is upholstered in black leather and the low benches are made of white polyester with silver leather seats. Lighting installed below the silver base of these objects makes them look as if they are floating........more

Retail Interior Design | Cafe Bustelo | Miami Beach | NC Office

The project is a retail interior located at the 1111 Building on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. The space is defined by two walls which contain the display cases. The walls are inflected to engage the customer from the exterior and to provide an integrated display at the storefront. The kink within the walls increases the display surface area while at the same time making every portion of the store visible to the sales-person. The sales area is defined by stainless steel panels which are perforated in order to reduce the weight of the heavy steel as well as to create a pixilated light pattern........more

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Sneakerology | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia | Facet Studio

This is a museum which exhibits sneakers. That, by itself, is not much of a wonder. Although there is really no such field of study as "sneaker-ology", the main point of this shop is to capture "sneakers" in a scholarly fashion. The ability to manufacture products in small quantity of large variations that we have nowadays has enabled the production of sneakers in an endless plethora of design and colour variation that is unimaginable years ago. Taking into account the diversity of people's needs which resulted in the astronomical increase in product variety, rather than the freeform retail styles to date, we felt the necessity to switch to a systematic way of retail.
Currently, sneakers are equally exhibited in boxes. That is to provoke the association of careful storage and display of important historical artefacts in the museum context; this visual image was the origin of our thoughts to enclose and display the individual sneaker in their own boxes. Each box is 200mm x 600mm, and are individually numbered. By interacting with the touch panels located in the middle of the shop floor, it is possible to extract detailed information of the merchandise in front of your bare eyes. The consumer is thus able to experience the philosophy of each maker, thoughts of people involved in the design of the merchandise, and any story in the history of this design, hidden behind each individual shoe; he/she is also able to understand the price and stock situation at the same time......more

Dry Cleaning Laundry | Pristine Conceirge | Princeton | New Jersey | JZA+D

Our clients at Pristine wanted this small space to represent a departure from your conventional dry cleaning experience. Based on this requirement, the JZA+D design inserts a white central feature in the space that unites and separates each of the functional elements of the project. Since this element needed to house reception and a work station, operated by one person; it needed to be small, efficient and provide different levels of transparency to maximize screening of the clothing racks and allow for views out and through the space. In addition, a complimentary curvilinear wall feature completes the functional needs of the space by housing storage areas and a changing room. The final product utilizes a simple palette of sustainable materials in warm wood and earth tones framed within each of these white curvilinear elements, creating a new kind of dry-cleaning experience.

Restaurant Interior Design | Waku Ghin | Marina Bay Sands | JZA+D

As a new dining space this restaurant project called for conceptual design, design development, construction document review and coordination, and partial construction administration. JZA+D collaborated with world famous Chef Tetsuya Wakuda in establishment of the floor plan, finishes, fixtures, and equipment. This project presented a unique challenge as the restaurant space was constricted by other venues within the Marina Bay Sands property. The resulting narrow linkage in the middle of the space called for a creative design solution. JZA+D manipulated the corridor walls against each other and in opposition which resulted in curving forms that transform what was potentially a narrow and unwelcoming corridor into a dynamic centerpiece that ties the whole restaurant together. This "Grand Hall" features multiple openings that frame other spaces paralleling guests' culinary and subsequent discoveries through spatial forms. As part of our interior design services JZA+D also prepared complete furniture, fixture and equipment packages, as well as, designing all lighting, dining chairs, bar chairs, and carpet patterns.

Cafe Interior Design | Bianchi Cafe & Cycles | Norrlandsgatan | Stockholm | Sweden | Koncept

Bianchi is the classic Italian café intertwined with the concept store for one of the world's most respected bike brands. Bike King and businessman Salvatore Grimaldi has collected the best of Italy at Norrlandsgatan and we had the delicate task of writing interior recipe. With an espresso in hand, you can walk around in the bike shop and the glass display case with bicycle accessories. This is where design, friends, measurement channels, and bike enthusiasts in the same Bianchi green ceiling......more

Friday, June 24, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Urban Outfitters | Koncept

Concept transformed from the venerable theater of Red Mill at Biblioteksgatan to a cool U.S. clothing store, Urban Outfitters. A 1400 m2 large and wonderfully eclectic shopping experience........more

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Office Interior Design | Lofts At Elberg Office Floor | Große Elbstraße | Hamburg | BRT Architekten

Location: Große Elbstraße, Hamburg
Client: DWI Grundbesitz GmbH, Hamburg
Start of construction: 01-1997
Completion: 07-1997
Use: office interior
Gross floor area: 200 sq.m.



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