Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nail Salon Interior Design | Kolmio+LIM | Osaka | Japan | Yusuke Seki

" The Nail Salon is designed with iconic triangle division as it reflected the meaning of " Kolmio".“

Kolmio+LIM” is a nail salon located in Osaka, the western capital of Japan, which is where our client LIM started her first hair salon. They have since expanded their beauty business. “Kolmio” is taken from the name (kolmio+LIM) the Nail Salon means triangle in Finish. The store layout of basic wood and white has been designed to reflect the essential color of natural skin tones, and the space itself is intended to symbolize the process of nail coloring.........more

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Deli Interior Design | Shenzhen | China | Linehouse Design

" A volume six meters tall was inserted into the double height space. Its exterior is seemingly simple with a white painted finish and punched windows on all four sides. The windows allow glimpses of a three dimensional latticework of brass poles; its complexity only revealed when entering. The lattice work lines all four walls of the deli’s interior, filtering natural light and views. Forming a double-layer screen, it also serves to display and hold chalkboard signage and an array of cookware, equipment and merchandise.

Within the petite interior is a coffee counter, display for baked goods, fresh juices, deli items, and a table seating six. Outside, a raised teak wood deck provides seating at both a large central table and a banquet bench. Trees and tall grass planted along the perimeter provide shelter and respite for guests.....more

Monday, April 13, 2015

Shoe Store Interior Design | Shoebaloo } Amsterdam | MVSA Architects

"The success of the Amsterdam shop led to a second commission for a new store in Rotterdam. Here the shop window is covered with pale green foil in which holes have been cut. Behind the holes are white leather coffers, each displaying a single shoe, spotlit like a precious jewel. Through the coffers it is possible to catch a glimpse of the interior, a large dark space with mirrors and a reflective floor and ceiling. Along the walls the shoes, boots and handbags are displayed in vacuum-formed plastic display cases. Behind the translucent display wall are colour-changing lights.
The central area and the floor surface are empty except for the cash desk and a few organically shaped benches and display cases. The cash desk is upholstered in black leather and the low benches are made of white polyester with silver leather seats. Lighting installed below the silver base of these objects makes them look as if they are floating..........more

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Office Interior Design | TD Center | Toronto | Canada | Partisans

Layout Plan
" This project is a think tank located within TD Center in Toronto Canada. The building is one of many storied works by acclaimed modernist architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. This history, combined with the client’s unique business model, created a frame in which to insert another ambitious architecture; form follows finance.The project is an undulating waffle of marine plywood surfaces defining an open concept central studio space from a series of private offices, boardrooms, kitchen, and lounge along its edges. The resulting space is literally a hedge of plywood carved out by an abstracted volume-the think tank space.........more

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apartment Interior Design | Meat Packing District Duplex | New York | Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi was in charge of a complete gut renovation of a one-bedroom duplex (675 sq. ft) in the Meat-Packing district. One of the outstanding features of the space is the dramatic arched window which fills the space with light.
The space was reconfigured, a new kitchen and powder room was designed, new zebrano plank flooring was installed on both levels. We designed a custom folded and cantilevered steel staircase which leads to the upper level. A sandblasted glass railing preserves privacy yet allows light to filter into the upper bedroom level. On the upper level the entire façade of the master bathroom is sandblasted glass.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Office Interior Design | Vail Systems | Chicago | Eastlake Studio

"Looking to connect its future to the past, Vail Systems, a communications software developer, found a perfect home in the former Chicago Daily News press room. The once industrial space has been transformed into a collaborative environment that inspires innovation. Unique structural elements organize functional requirements. Staff is located in large reconfigurable areas, while meeting spaces are organized under mezzanines and catwalks. The central focus is a meeting room under a mezzanine that is encased in charred wood planks and tinted glass with black frames, providing strong contrast to the white space. Limited daylight presents a challenge, but bright and reflective materials are introduced so the space is not solely dependent upon artificial light. Ambient reflections from the high gloss concrete floor enliven the space.......more

Fashion Store Interior Design | Heikom | Singen | Germany | Atelier 522

" The fashion store Heikorn in Singen presents a new, trendy shop floor which has been created with a lot of attention for details. Graphics were added to the young fashion area. A stylish shop system of black and white structures highlights the colorful fashion items but keeps itself on low-key. The basement of the building was refurbished and now presents women’s fashion in an industrial-like ambience. Wooden structures and panels create a contrast among the concrete elements. König Ladenbau’s shop system of white-coated lattice structures, showcased on EuroShop 2014 for the first time, links the wooden panels with the industrial floors and walls. This white-colored zone together with the stair case marks the center of the room........more

Friday, April 3, 2015

Restaurant Interior Design | 2it & Drink | Valley Point | Singapore | Kelvin & Frank Reid

Design is about exploring the boundaries, this recently completed restaurant project is one great opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in F&B design. Approached by the owners of Otto Ristorante in Singapore, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to create the new outlet named “2it & drink”. Started off as a design consultancy project, we were
subsequently appointed to create their brand identity and interior graphics, to complete each phase of design harmoniously and the construction of the space. The objective was to create a unique place "2it & drink" where people can simply enjoy authentic Italian food. To create this unique Italian experience, we have injected several iconic Italian elements across the space.......more

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Office Interior Design | Stripes Group | New York | ICRAVE

" When Stripes Group was planning a move out of their stodgy Midtown office and into a new, sleek space in New York City’s cutting edge Meatpacking District, they called ICRAVE. Stripes Group is a leading growth equity firm that makes $10-100 million investments in Internet, Software, Healthcare IT and Branded Consumer Products businesses. Working with the likes of and Seamless, Stripes Group was looking for an office that didn’t feel like an investment firm. Their new space occupies three floors which divide various programmatic elements – from private executive offices to communal meeting spaces – with special attention paid to interconnectivity to foster collaboration. ICRAVE’s design and lighting teams focused on statement-making materials and contemporary lighting solutions.....more


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