Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jewellery Store Interior Design MICA | SAVVY

MICA is a contemporary jewellery house which specialises in custom made pieces. Its name derives from a group of minerals that are characterised by their malleability which makes them ideal for various uses – some which are purely aesthetic.
Expanding its most basic and primitive character, MICA's identity is based on the amorphic nature of the rocks, the asymmetry of their profiles and their unique existence – no two rocks are alike – making all of MICA's pieces truly unique.

The interior spaces are based on an extensive grid system, strongly influenced by the work of Sol Lewitt, particularly his "Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes". The displays, exclusively conceived and produced for MICA, offer an organic contrast against the more rigid backdrop of the space they are contained in.........more about the store interior design

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retail Interior Design | HITGallery store | Hong Kong | Interior Studio Novembre

The HITGallery stores capture the essence and spirit of Italy in wonderful new ways. Taking inspiration from the paintings of Giorgio De Chirico, from the surreal atmospheres he created through the distortion of perspectives, we developed open squares “Italian piazza mode” where we can meet and gather to fathom the enigmas of our existence and to ideally rethink Italy’s role and effective identity in the contemporary world.

Upon entering the concept store in Hong Kong, people will promptly notice the strong Italian imprint of the architectural design’s classical matrix: symmetrical structure, row of arches, one dominant hue offset by two tone flooring.

The color defining the walls “a neutral shade bordering between green and sky or cerulean blue” defies classification, so becoming the ideal backdrop for all the brands sold in the store.......more about the store interior design

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Restaurant Interior Design | Kanoba | Seychelles | Albert Angel Studio

Inspired by the client's love for boats and our fascination for the underwater life of the Seychelles, Konoba is an extension of the marina where it is located. This versatile lounge, bar and restaurant interior is sculpted by hull-like shapes and geometric wooden patterns, evoking maritime signal shapes and celebrating the art of boat-building. A sculptural shoal of 8,000 stainless steel pieces leads from the entrance to the main space where it culminates in a massive swirling element hanging from the coral-inspired decorative beams above the bar. Anchored in the casual local island lifestyle, the space flows easily from indoors to outdoors, while detailed lighting designs and elements take on dramatically different characteristics from day to night.........more about Kanoba Restaurant Interior Design

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Office Interior Design | 3ality Digital | Burbank | California | Fung and Blatt Architects

This 20,000 square foot film production facility inhabits two 1940s masonry warehouse bays, separated by a bearing wall that allowed very limited open passage between the spaces.

We were charged with designing a dynamic work environment with administrative and technical wings that include offices, workshops, editing rooms, equipment cage and long sight lines for camera staging.

We introduced a circular conference room that becomes the vortex of the environment. It straddles the central dividing wall and propels into motion a series of ripples whose trajectories penetrate and diminish the separation while establishing auxiliary spaces for informal gathering.......more about the office interior

Friday, February 15, 2013

Office Interior Design | CDS | Tokyo | Japan | BAKOKO

Designing he Tokyo office of multinational recruitment specialists CDS was an opportunity to renew and maximize the value of their existing two-story premises. After appraising a full range of space use options, BAKOKO transformed the second floor into an efficient and modern workplace with a sleek and attractive facility for meetings and interviews below. The project was phased across the various floors of the building to mitigate disruption to the company's day-to-day operations.

CDS’s globally diverse workforce challenged us to create a more collaborative work space straddling Western and Japanese office cultures. As is typical in Japan, staff work long hours at their desks, but they are highly engaged amongst their specialist teams. We challenged our client to break free their old cubicle culture by creating greater transparency. The new openness fosters spontaneous communication and creates an important visual link from the desk to greenery outside.........more about the interior design

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Showroom Interior Design | Jessica Simpson Handbag Showroom | New York City | Andre Tchelistcheff Architects

The Jessica Simpson handbag showroom, with supporting design studios and offices, is a 5,000 square foot full floor interior build-out in a 1930's structure located in New York City's Garment District. With a flexible, open loft layout, the products are displayed in white lacquer and clear acrylic cases mounted on wheels, which allows the showroom configuration to be modified as needed to best showcase a new season of products. The entry lobby display cases are double walled glass enclosures, which are filled with shattered automobile glass, low technology crystals complementing the Italian chandeliers in the main studio.......more about the showroom

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Museum Interior Design | The Children’s Museum of the Arts | New York City | WORK AC

After 20 years in a tight space near Chinatown, New York City’s beloved Children’s Museum of the Arts secured a new space three times the size of their previous location, giving the CMA an opportunity to reinterpret the best parts of their current museum and add the new programs they had long desired.

The spaces are organized around a large central gallery that gives CMA a new major exhibition and event space. Around the “white boxes” of the gallery and classrooms smaller spaces are transformed into highly specific ‘moments’ through a “color wheel” that identifies the different programs.

The existing configuration of the space, an old loading dock, is used to organize the different flows of people. Upon entering the museum, the ‘7 and up’ kids can access the art gallery on the upper level, along with the classrooms, art studios and media lab.........more about the Children's Museum 


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