Sunday, April 9, 2017

Shop Interior Design | Void General Store & Vezpa Pizzas | Rio | Brazil | Tavares Duayer

Void General Store & Vezpa Pizzas is the second store that mixes the two Rio brands.It sells everything, from pizza, beer to tennis shoes and toothbrush. It was designed for the contemporary public who enjoy fashion, skate and nightlife. The project was designed from the premise DIY - Do it Yourself. Concrete, steel and demolition wood print marks Urban DNA. Part of the vintage furniture was mined in old iron houses and thrift stores and cariocas. The simple language of the finishes, in addition to the apparent installations, served as a backdrop for the organization and exhibition of the products......more

Friday, April 7, 2017

Restaurant Interior Design | Lady Carolina | Brunswick East | Melbourne | Australia | Biasol

With a pre-existing beer hall inspired interior and a traditionally “East Brunswick” exterior, the Lady Carolina space has been truly transformed into a reflection of Latin American design, dining and culture.

Traditionally, Latin American dining spaces are welcoming with a real sense of community, so it was important for us to create a space with an underlying sense of familiarity and warmth........more

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Shop Interior Design | CASA 13 | Medellin | Colombia | Plasma Design

CASA 13 is a Multi-brand Shop made up of Medellín design companies from different areas (fashion, textile design, jewelry, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, footwear, among others). This is its second outlet in the city and is located in the commercial park EL TESORO. PLASMA DESIGN was in charge of adapting the initial concept to the new outlet and complement it with new spaces and aesthetics that responded to the brand concept.......more

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Restaurant Interior Design | The Roast Room | Amsterdam | The Netherlands | Studio Modijefsky & Studio Molen

Interior architects Studio Modijefsky and interdisciplinary designers Studio Molen are responsible for the design of The Roast Room. The interior has been designed with great detail and has been hand made by the contributing parties - from the furniture pieces, the bars and the butcher, to the special lighting, the tiling and the bronze doorknobs. The studios have worked together before on Deenik’s first restaurant, Visaandeschelde, just a stone’s throw away from his new business.
On the first floor of The Roast Room you will find a brasserie-style restaurant. Sitting at large cutting boards you have a view of the kitchen and a bar with large copper beer tanks hanging above it. In the marble bar, display windows showcase the goods of the in-house butcher’s shop. By turning a giant wheel, the butcher opens his shop window so guests can see him cutting and boning the meat......more

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Restaurant Interior Design | Alchemy Ubud | Bali | Indonesia | Alexis Dornier

The existing restaurant situated in a concrete building was completely opened and extended with a new 2 level structure on each end. Recycled telephone poles were used as pylons, from which the load of the entire decks and roof are being suspended. teared grass roofs provide sufficient openings for air circulation while sheltering from sun and rain. a minimal amount of material was used by pre stressed and tensile building components and rafters.
Along the renovation of the restaurant about 600 m2 of kitchen space was renovated that is now used to also cater ALCHEMY SEMINYAK......more

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cafe Interior Design | Bar Botanique | Amsterdam East | Studio Modijefsky

A tropical addition to the restaurant scene in Amsterdam East, Bar Botanique, designed by Studio Modijefsky, brings a fresh and green interior to the former local Dutch café, De Ponteneur. Located adjacent to the multicultural Javastraat, Bar Botanique Café Tropique is the place to be from early mornings to late in the evening.
Double high large windows cover the entire façade of the corner building and spill in plenty of daylight, creating a direct link between the interior and its surroundings. The windows are a focal point in the design and concept of the interior, mirrors hang from the ceiling reflecting light and the scenery. A train, running by opposite the café, creates a flickering reflection which is captured in the bar back wall with the diverse use of colour, fabric and mirror strokes.
The space has been divided and defined using railings in a playful way. Inspired by the old railings in the café, the new railings reach up to the high ceiling and create a clear path between the bar and lounge area. Warm oak plinths cover the floor while a bright green concrete floor naturally connects the different areas of the interior........more


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