Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shop Interior Design | Orla Kiely | Mercer Street | New York | Architecture Republic

The spaces are arranged as a 1:1 cross-section of a doll's house, acting like a stage-set for customers to play out their ambitions of creating an ideal home, complete with original Orla Kiely designs. The modern, interchangeable interior street space allows for theatrical events and unusual displays while the backstage service rooms are integrated into the doll's house. Making the customer feel comfortable is a priority in retail design and the spaces are proportioned with familiar dimensions relating to a typical home. The cabinetry is designed in modules of 450mm and 750mm to correspond with seat and desk height while the interior spaces have ceilings of 2.4m as in a typical living room or kitchen. All of the furniture was manufactured in Ireland and shipped stateside, representing a tour de force of Irish design abroad. Solid dark American walnut cabinets with high gloss sprayed doors and thin metal legs occupy the floorspace. Very similar to the furniture used in Orla Kiely's own home, they reflect the quirky, retro style of her brand. Visitors to the shop are inclined to pick a room and sit down, "I'm very happy if they want to hang out," the designer says...........more

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pavillion Interior Design | Moet Marquee | Melbourne | Australia | LAVA

A computer-model, based on the simulation of complexity in naturally evolving systems, fed directly into a production line of sail making software and digital manufacturing for this pavilion at Australia’s premier horse race. This resulted in the efficient generation of space out of lightweight material. A perforated ceiling filtered natural light, creating a sparkling and surreal atmosphere......more

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Corporate Office Interior Design | Aurora Corporate Offices | Clearwater | Florida | MESH

This 11,000 square foot office space is home to the U.S. corporate headquarters for one of the U.K.’s leading lighting manufacturer. With an open plan and private glass offices the space highlights their passion for lighting in the details. The showroom, conference room, kitchen and restrooms are shaped by contrasting pod like forms and glowing blue and white lines..........more

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shop Interior Design | Baldwin's Men Shop | Leawood | Kansas | Hufft Project

Baldwin Denim and Standard Style are two retail concepts with one owner, but completely separate identities. For Baldwin, the look is masculine and enduring. A center table runs the length of the space and terminates at one of the stores focal points -’the sewer’s room’. Dark walnut and raw steel were the materials of choice...........more

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Apartment Interior Design | Kwong Shook Lin Residence | Hong Kong | Affect-t

The Renovation of a flat in one of Hong Kong’s exclusive high-rise buildings, the space was opened up to create a contemporary open-plan living environment as per the client’s request. The prior configuration afforded little space in the bedrooms and fragmented space in the living area for gathering.

In order to unify the disparate rooms and integrate the flat a common design language was chosen. A fluid curving space was created which could negotiate and unify the disparate spaces and odd angles of the arrangement. The vaulted ceilings in the bedrooms provide a subtle surface for reflecting the light from the exterior and interior cove lighting while hiding numerous beams in the ceiling. The sculptural ceiling in the living rooms hides numerous LED lights while directing the eye the centre of the dining table in the open-plan room.

Textures and materials interplay as wood is used throughout with the parquet flooring and bespoke oak screen at the entry causing subtle shifts in view as one enters the flat. Marble is used in the two large bathrooms with large sinks carved out of solid block and large soaking tub and shower room in glass tile. A walk-in wardrobe is a point of rest next to the bathroom and a large kitchen can be hidden behind and pivoting door. All features combine to create a feeling of movement of being carried through the space, with the clients affinity for Feng Shui the ideas of direction and energy movement were integrated into the placement of furniture, fittings, and openings to create a contemporary space which envelops the resident.........more


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