Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pharmacy Interior Design | Linden-Apotheke | Ludwigsburg | Germany | Ippolito Fleitz Group

The Linden Apotheke is an old-established pharmacy in Ludwigsburg. It has chosen to specialize in naturopathic products and natural cosmetics in response to the growing pressure of competition in the pharmacy market. The remodeling of the pharmacy’s interior serves to underscore and substantiate this positioning. The pharmacy’s main focus should be communicated and made tangible within the space in a striking and compelling way – without creating a superficial, promotional style. At the same time, the task was to create additional possibilities of presenting shop merchandise in the shelving space behind the counter and the self-service area..........more

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Office Lobby Interior Design | One Kearny Lobby | San Francisco | Iwamoto Scott Architecture

Lightfold is a lobby design for the new One Kearny commercial development at the intersection of Market, Kearny and Geary Streets in the heart of downtown San Francisco, adjacent to the Financial District, and the galleries and museums of the Yerba Buena Arts District......more

Friday, July 29, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Muratti Donna | Athens | Greece | Lantavos Projects

The organic and futuristic forms used are related to the existing shop but refreshed with new elements added and colour themes giving the space a warmer atmosphere adapted to women’s idiosyncrasy. The characteristic big hanger, growing in front of the central plexiglass wall and inspired by a tree’s branch, is framed by two tilted walls that are covered on brown, skin like, wallpaper. Five fitting rooms and a large framed mirror, parted in three pieces, are placed in the inside right corner of the shop providing customers a discrete and private atmosphere.......more

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Showroom Design | DuPont | Prague | Mimosa Architects

The design of the showroom in the domicile of the Czech branch of DuPont follows the company´s motto „The Miracles of Science“. DuPont´s materials are not presented as exhibits, but they create the whole interior.
The designed space is separated from the administration building, to which it is set, by a „ribbon“ from Corian, SentryGlas Expressions and Butacite materials. The motive applied to the „ribbon“ – fibres – refers to the subject matter of the majority of DuPont´s products. The motive of the fibres in the larger sense is also understood as a reference to the world of chemical fixations and reactions, to the scientific world of DuPont........more

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cocktail Lounge Interior Design | The Brownstone | Shanghai | China | Kokai Studios

The ‘Brownstone’ is a cocktail lounge located in the Surpass Court of Yonjia Lu 570, emerging epicenter of Shanghai night life. It was developed as a prototype for a venue of new concept in co-operation with ‘Blue Horizon Hospitality Group’ (Blue Frog). The project combines a simple and efficient layout, partly suggested by the limited dimensions of the venue, with the complex and redundant interplay of textures and custom-made elements concurring to define the sophisticated atmosphere and the strong identity of the place, a one-of-a-kind experience lousily inspired, in the intentions of the client, to the decadent turn-of-the-Century French ‘Salons’...........more

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beauty Salon Interior Design | Seeds Hair | Takasaki | Gunma | Japan | Studio Archifarm

A couple hope to spend each day in the beauty salon with "living space feel like changing seasons and weather environments indoors without leaving it" .
Ceilings is in response to sun (mirror cut)
After a thought, it was proposed that a system that reflects the sun light on the ceiling membrane that moves in response to seasonal time.
The light board was cut with circular hole at the top is reflected in a mirror affixed to the side of the grid beam to move on while changing the shape of the ceilings and walls in response to movement of the sun film. ...more

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Sucre Sale | bham design studio

Refurbishment of a thee room. The large plaster “clouds” against the walls are inspired from an old existing door in Art Nouveau style.

We blewd it out of proportion to creat a strong and graphic impact.........more

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loft Interior Design | Amsterdam Loft | UXUS Design

UXUS designed a private residence located in a historic building on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals. The canal house is located in a 250m2 18th century warehouse with a panoramic view over the city. The owners wanted to keep the original open-plan layout of the space so, UXUS created a series of dramatic curtain walls, which could be opened and closed according to the needs of use. All of the decorative interior elements were selected to reflect the eclectic tastes of the owners.........more

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Optician In Murcia | MOHO Arquitectos

A storage "tape" runs continuously throughout the premise at different heights, separating the main area of sales and showroom from a more private area of offices, wc and workshop, to finish forming the two shelters that emerge from the facade.

Different sale and collection points are associated to the existing pilars freeing the rest of the space to exhibition ................more

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Zoo-Pharmacy | Pforzheim | Germany | FMB Architekten

The zoo-pharmacy finds its place in the 2007-2009-built in the shopping center on the grounds of the former barracks in pforzheim buck-berg.......more

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Library Interior Design | The London Library | London | Haworth Tompkins

The design develops a contemporary architectural language that responds to the authentic idiosyncrasies of an historic institution. As in Phase One, new toilets were designed in collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed. This created a conceptual dialogue to think specifically about the way in which the atmosphere of the building might be amplified and articulated by the new proposals........more

Monday, July 11, 2011

House Interior Design | Casa Materka | Mexico | t3arc

The house has two bedrooms and a sunny dark movie studio upstairs. The house opens stone wrapped in the sun all day, rejecting the views to the outside, getting in contact with the sun receives a very light house. Only notice some details of brick and woodwork with all formwork, we could no finish to divert attention from a house that seems in constant motion by light. We think of a Mexican architecture, simple, real, like the one side, outside the subdivision, perhaps waiting forever be changed..........more

Sunday, July 10, 2011

House Interior Design | Old Greenwich | Connecticut | Axis Mundi | John Beckmann

John Beckmann of Axis Mundi Design was responsible for designing the interiors of a newly constructed "shingle style" house, located on Long Island Sound. The design is contextual, mixing some of the clients existing furniture with new pieces while respecting the traditionalist design that is native to the region. The dining table was custom designed by John Beckmann and fabricated in South Africa. The carpet was designed by Christopher Farr. The painting is by James Nares.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Technorama Restaurant | Switzerland | Retailpartner

After nearly ten years of operation, the Technorama Restaurant in Winterthur,the time for a redesign has come. In collaboration with retail partners ag and Wallimann Concepts & Planning GmbH ,ZFV companies, hospitality partner of the Technorama, a restaurant concept developed that makes the hearts of visitors of the Swiss Science Center beat.  
1.7 million Swiss francs were invested in the renovation. The result is impressive........more

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clinic Interior Design | JLG Design Clinic | Shanghai | China | EXH Design

This project is an interior design for a health check clinic in Qingpu, Shanghai. We want to create a stylish environment with high spatial quality and clean, neat and familiar atmosphere. Through the design we offer the people a clinic service with a contemporary life style, letting them enjoy the process of the modern health check visually, physically and experientially......more

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pharmacy Interior Design | Pharmacy Beele | Mechelen | Belgium | dmvA

Pharmacy Beele is located on the ground floor of a beautiful corner house in the shopping triangle of Mechelen.Typical of the shop premises is the truncated corner and the central place of the entrance, right in the middle of it.The strategic implantation of the black curve wall with niches,straight on the axe of the entrance, connects the two adjacent streets and constructs the space hierarchical.........more

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Char Showroom Interior Design | SCAN | Osaka | Japan | Geneto

This car showroom is located the calm countryside/area which still has many pastoral landscapes closed to Mt.Ikoma in Osaka.
The showroom owner is a man in his forties who spent many years selling cars in America when he was in his twenties and thirties.
During this time he worked in import and export of cars between Japan and America and gained a lot of knowledge about mechanical workings as well as car design but also driving techniques. In time, the owner wanted people to know more about the car, as well as wanting them to feel unique with the special character that each car has by the experience of the space.........more

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Museum Interior Design | Smithsonian Institution Collections and Support Centre| Landover | Maryland

This adaptive reuse project transformed a 1960s warehouse into a secure, efficient, state-of-the-art hub for the Smithsonian Institution’s growing museum programs. The product of consolidating programs from multiple facilities, the renovated space incorporates workshops for exhibit fabrication and graphics production, environmentally controlled collections storage, thousands of linear feet of library shelving and a rare-book conservation lab. Organized into “buildings” surrounding a community plaza, functions are interconnected by a series of “streets” that serve both pedestrians and forklifts. ............more

Retail Interior Design | C&A Brazil | Chute Gerdeman

 Working side-by-side with C&A Brazil, the Chute Gerdeman team delivered a fresh and relevant reinvention of merchandise strategy, store design, visual merchandising and brand communications.What began with brand strategy and visualization, quickly moved to prototype store design, compact iteration, kids-only expression, to our latest project, the jewel in the crown: a floor-to-ceiling re-do of the dazzling new flagship in São Paulo’s prestigious Iguatemi........more

Retail Interior Design | Moernaut Temporary Shop | Dendermonde | Belgium | B Architecten

During the renovation works of the original shoe store is a temporary shop set up in the new building stock.....more

Loft Interior Design | Warehouse Conversion | Düsseldorf | Germany | Bruno Erpicum

Bruno Erpicum was the architect entrusted with designing this warehouse conversion. It is now the home of a couple with a passion for architecture who were keen to make one of Düsseldorf’s rare ruins their own. The reconversion was closely overseen by the administrative authorities, since this old factory in the city centre miraculously avoided damage during the many bombings of World War II. Across from the coachman’s passageway are some garages that stand in front of the entrance court. The court is dotted with screens that flank the entrance and seclude off the “day patio”. The history of the city is reflected in the glass panels, reminding you of the building’s heritage...........more

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Pony Restaurant | Sydney | Australia | Dreamtime

Located within Sydney’s heritage Rocks precinct bordering Circular Quay, Pony is a unique lounge and wood-fired grill designed to take advantage of its location in a former bond warehouse in a secluded cobblestone laneway. The interior features a dramatic open kitchen with pony hide-clad kitchen counter, heritage brick walls, commissioned woven art hangings on a mesh-clad side wall, black japanned recycled plank flooring and custom goat skin pendant lights hung from the original timber ceiling. An exterior timber deck features an 11 metre (36 ft.) communal dining table and outdoor bar and lounge..........more

Museum Interior Design | Museum of Islamic Art | Doha | Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Built on a man-made island, this imposing white building is a powerful expression of Pei's vision.

Working together for the first time, ClickNetherfield and Wilmotte & Associates have created an environment of light and transparency. The project was described by our Technical Director Mike Chaplin as "the largest we have undertaken, involving complex logistics and electromechanical opening systems for some of the biggest cases ever made"........more

Office Interior Design | Horus Capital | Moscow | Casson Mann

Casson Mann were commissioned to design ’s new offices in Moscow, with the brief to create a new open-plan working culture for the company. The offices have workstations branching out from a single timber walkway that reaches from the chairman’s office to the board room, becoming the board room table. Cellular glass offices for management are embedded in the timber walkway, creating a sense of openness and involvement. The timber runway is cut through by the flytower of the lobby beneath the offices, creating a direct connection between the working spaces and the Museolobby below and allowing glimpses of the mechanism of the flytower..........more


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