Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Office Interior Design | Tencent Dazu Building | Shenzhen | EDG Creative

To convey Tencent’s youthful and creative culture as well as its unique position between physical and virtual reality, our design team applied a “regenerative design” approach to create a highly adaptive office interior consisting of different visual themes for each of its eleven floors. Open office areas and meeting rooms epitomize these themes by highlighting contemporary urban fantasies, such as: cartoon landscapes, videogame adventures and children’s fairy-tales......more

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Corporate Office Interior Design | Aquilon Capital Corporation | Toronto | Ontario | Canada | Taylor Smyth Architects

Aquilon Capital Corporation is an independent investment boutique offering value-based investment management through private portfolios and investment partnerships.

Michael Taylor designed the original offices ten years ago for the partners of Aquilon under their previous name of the MMI Group. Having outgrown their 3,500 square foot premises, they contacted him to design their new 15,000 square foot offices in a full floor of the newly constructed SAS building, the first LEED accredited “green” office building to be built in Toronto. The building uses about 30 per cent less energy than conventional buildings, incorporating such energy-efficient measures as underfloor heating and cooling and rainwater recovery and storage......more

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nightclub Interior Design | Cube | DMAC

Beyond the restaurants, DMAC also unveils Cube, the nightclub that alternates from a sports bar experience to a full-fledged performance venue. Passing through ingeniously designed heavy dark wood doors that function as interlocking “steps” and reveal a rhythmic geometric pattern when closed, guests enter the sports bar replete with retractable monitors above a grand rectangular bar of hand-sculpted pine and mesquite wood blocks. Descending a half-flight to a dance floor, a shift in tone and function is palpable through the complex lighting system, acoustic web and additional sensuous textures and materials, including velvety gray drapes, chains as curtains, and even a backlit wall created from inverted baby bottle nipples that is surprisingly abstract and sophisticated. The stage as focal point, which is scaled and equipped for A-list performers, draws guests to the dance floor, which reflects the light effects and images cast from the ceiling. Just beyond stage left, an outdoor terrace offers the vibe of a boutique hotel rooftop, complete with a twelve-foot fireplace. With the attention to technical capabilities and a sleek, sexy design vocabulary, DMAC’s Cube is sure to become a hot spot for guests from within the Casino and beyond........more

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bar Interior Design | Hugo's Frog Bar | DMAC

The finest in-house establishment and a destination in itself, Hugo’s departs from its downtown sister through DMAC’s clarification and modernization of the design, featuring a façade of dark wood blocks with openings that offer vignette views of the interior. Echoed by a unique patterning of wood frames installed along the back wall and in the custom-built wine lockers for high rollers, the rectilinear forms find their counterpoint in circular-patterned black and white floor tiling and the whiskey barrel-ringed ceiling. As a focal point, the private dining room features a mural-scale image of an underwater ship with a patina surface. The totality is a warm and familiar but more sensuous environment in which to feast and repose........more


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