Monday, December 12, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Phamish | Sydney | Facet Studio

Phamish is a Vietnamese Restaurant located at Darlinghurst, Sydney. We were approached by the owners to create a new image for Phamish using elements of “chrysanthemum” and “gold”. As we have had extremely limited space to work with, we started by thinking that if the “new image” we were creating not only serves as graphic design, it would be fantastic if it could also contribute in creating a sense of expansion in space.
From here we focused on the “partition” as a system which softly defines the spaces and is widely utilised in Asia, then decided to randomly locate five “partitions” which features both “chrysanthemum” and “gold”. As a result a space was formed between “partition” and the existing walls, which is where people can feel the sense of depth. Furthermore, by dividing the chrysanthemums into five panels, the void between the sliced-open chrysanthemums gives room for more imaginary chrysanthemum to form in the human brain.
By designing the effects created by the partitions, the imaginary pictures expand beyond the visible, and we believe this imaginary expansion ultimately links to the expansion in sense of space..............more


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