Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | Qubik bar Monfalcone Kinemax | Monfalcone | Italy | Waltritsch a + u

Qubik Monfalcone is one of the concept bars of a new brand of selected blends named Qubik caffè.
This Qubik bar is located inside a cinema multiplex, in a context similar to a commercial center or an airport, without windows or outdoor spaces. The silk-screened colored glass envelope provides a sober and elegant atmosphere to welcome the passer by. A long black cantilevered Corian counter act as
catalyst into the atrium of the multiplex, while a bench and a few chairs provides a more intimate alcove. In between there is the Kubo, a monolith-counter on wheels. Particular care was devoted to the presentation of the goods of the brand, following the Quality Boutique Caffè concept: an illuminated lantern, like a sugar cube terminates the suspended bar counter, while different color glass shelves are marking the glass cladded walls, and a shopper-rack over the cash desk is ready for those willing to buy the brand products........more


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