Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cafe Interior Design | iCream | Chicago | Illinois | STL

The concept of iCream is to provide, fresh-made, customized ice cream. The technology that makes it possible drove the concept behind this project, a 1200 square foot retail store in Chicago. To design a space that showed off the store’s liquid-nitrogen based cryogenic technology while paying homage to the lineage of American ice cream parlors, STL designed a sleek, colorful interior that puts the process on display for the customer. Patrons use a touch screen to design their frozen treat and then watch its creation behind the counter.
Constructed on a tight budget, drywall, plastic laminate, and stainless steel cryogenic tubing were the extent of what STL had to work with in this project, and aside from the long, narrow space in which the store is sited, represented our greatest challenge. At iCream, a trip to the ice cream shop is transformed into a tasteful culinary event.........more


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