Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Restaurant Beirut | Santa Fe, Mexico City | PUUK Arquitectos

The proposed approach begins with the client to create a project for a restaurant located in Santa Fe, Mexico City, based on a reputable establishment of Lebanese food in Panama. Since the beginning of the process, the intention was to return to concepts of Arab culture, and use their reinterpretation for the creation of various architectural and decorative elements for a space to express in a language with its own identity. The space is on two floors, the floor is made up of the lobby area, take out, cold kitchen, hot kitchen, laundry, bar, bath and area for disabled guests. In the upper floor area has tables and a VIP lounge, children's area, public restrooms, office, dry cellar, staff area, cold room and freezer room. The concept has two main interventions which originate intentions in space, on one hand the intention of linking the lobby to the area of the main guests (double height) by a weeping wall which forms the main corridor and that league level space, with the sheet of water which splits the area of diners, the second concept is the separation of space on the mezzanine floor, the same that serves as a hall for VIP, children's area and restrooms and to accommodate some tables that are privatized main area diners.....more


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