Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Store Interior Design | Tod | Omotesando | Tokyo | Nendo

" We designed new furnishings for the sixth-floor hall of the Tod’s store on Omotesando, in Tokyo. The open, airy space is surrounded by large windows, so we designed frame-like furnishings reminiscent of the buildings visible outside, jostling together in various shapes and sizes. We used mirrors to reflect the exterior light and landscape,allowing us to bring the outside world into the hall even more vividly. The hall is used for a variety of functions including press conferences and special events, so the furnishings can be arranged freely for different purposes, then stored away compactly when not in use. The transparent acrylic ceiling panels can easily be substituted with panels in other materials and colours, enabling flexible redesign of the space to suit the content and themes of future exhibitions......more


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