Friday, March 11, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Restaurant Okie Wokie Chicken Bamba | Santa Fe Mexico City | Arco Arquitectura

Oki Woki Chicken Restaurant Bamba in a union of Eastern food and chicken dishes as the main ingredient, located on the Mall in Santa Fe Zéntrica initial concept was to create the 2 pictures of this new food concept, merging them into a same space, later to be able to continue with a brand image and create franchises.

The use of materials, and the resolution of the shapes and space, create an effect of order, contrast and movement without losing a cozy feeling. The overall effect of the composition tends towards the vertical, separates and connects the space to find a middle ground that marks the main circulation indoors.

Main element predominant design a bench throughout the room, which functions as banking-ceiling mural, creating a continuous band which marks movement. The main material of this bench was the Venetian mosaic, using 4 colors in shades of green and yellow, and also has a series of phrases in 3 languages with the messages we find in fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants.....more


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