Saturday, March 21, 2015

Corporate Office Interior Design | Airport Regional Head Office | "Lighthouse", Moscow, Russia | VOX Architects

For a company that provides administrative management for terminals of several regional airports, the architects have chosen the space in a modern office building in the center of Moscow. Architects decided to form moderate, and in the same time expressive, interiors. The customer fully relied on the professional competence of the team granted the freedom to create. The only constraints were conditioned by the working style of this particular office – the office is not meant to be often attended by visitors, and by the company’s activities: complex financial and technical development of airport facilities. As most employees are concentrating on individual work, the office has practically no open space, but a number of comfortable individual cabinets and meeting rooms. The interiors clearly translate an image of a metallic airplane wing, hovering in the greyish-blue sky.

As the office is situated in a reconstructed printing-house, in the very center of it there are still left bracing V-shaped beams. One of those is transformed into a white abstract form, and the other, in a symbolic fin of an airplane.

The colors of the interiors are cold, but due to multi-level lightning it really feels cozy inside. These comforting feelings are enhanced by ash wood used in the decoration of floors and cabinets, wooden wall panels. ........more


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