Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pastry Shop Interior Design | À La Folie | Montreal Canada | Anne Sophie Goneau Design

" The design of the new address of the patisserie À La Folie aims to defy all typecasts of the conventional pastry shop by giving full prominence to the superior presentation and quality of its unique products.

The execution of the design begins with the storefront. The shop’s ground floor location on the colorful street of Mont-Royal impelled the creation of a space that is distinguished by its neutrality, acting as a monochromatic backdrop to the vibrancy of both the street and the pastries within. The neutral gray interior elevates the wonderful shapes, textures, and hues of the products on display. This voluntary restraint isolates the senses, and the focus becomes only the pastries themselves; the customer almost begins to taste with their eyes!........more


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