Monday, November 28, 2011

Loft Interior Design | The Rounded Loft | Prague | Czech Republic |A1 Architects

The issue of „boundless“ space became the main motif of our work. The private spaces such as bedrooms are ofcourse separated, but the rest of common activities rooms are connected within one fluent space. It starts at the entrance hall with dressing wardrobes and slightly continues towards living space and kitchen with large dining table, the space is also opened to upper gallery which is meant for guests.

To reach specific fluency of space we decided to round off some of the interior corners, which finally give the space its unique smooth character. Due to these softened corners one moves and feel simply free and the bounderies of walls somehow disappears.

Even the staircase with integrated fireplace and library climbs up in rounded corner. The railing is made out of thin stainless steel net, so it is safe but even smooth and transparent..........more


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