Friday, November 26, 2010

Corporate Interior | ANZ Learning Centre | Melbourne, Australia | Hassel

The ANZ Learning Centre is a destination away from the workplace and this is reinforced by playing with the cues of colour, space and order.
To step outside the concept of reality means to step into a world of discovery. Concepts like the journey of discovery and the tree of knowledge are explored through actual manifestations of ideas.
An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ doorway and a tree of knowledge sprawling upwards symbolise the purpose of the centre to support  and encourage different learning styles. Corporate colours and branding were eliminated, and furniture and finishes were selected to enhance the sensory experience of the space. The various meeting and learning rooms have an abundance of natural light while materials including paint and patterned rubber have been used in a clever and striking way that inspires.

The ANZ Learning Centre offers freedom from the constraints of a ‘normal’ office environment and through its playfulness and sense of fun, sharpens the capacity to outperform..........more


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