Friday, December 17, 2010

Apartment Interior Designed By NAT Architecture

Setting up an area of approximately 195 m2 with a full residential program.

We have chosen a cabinet element of 15.8 meters long and a depth of 1.5 meters. These we placed centrally along the length of the house. This creates both sides of the element space for various programs. By making openings and vistas creating exciting sight lines created between various rooms. The game between solid surfaces, openings and passages has been chosen so that men in some places the entire length and width of the loft can be experienced and in some places just experiencing an intimate space with its own character. The central element of the dark programs located, such as the fireplace, closet space, aquarium, toilets and storerooms. Upstairs is the wall unit and walked on, he used as a sort of jumper. This connects the study area, patio, bedroom, balcony and bathroom together.
By the voids created an open relationship with the floor. This will overflow and be involved in the housing apart horizontally or vertically unexpected sight lines and vistas created.....more

Design: NAT architects
Client:K. Verstralen / AM live
Net floor area: 195 m2
Construction cost: 260,000 euros
Contractor: H. for example Rijswijck
Manufacturer: Germans BV
Stage: completed 2005


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