Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cafe Interior | Cafe Mishi Blyahera | Balenko

While  refurbishing  the former vegetable storage, we found under an old wooden floor, a notebook belonging to Mishi Blyahera . This notebook was a sort of diary, in which the author wrote recipes simple cooking of meals and some personal notes.

We started to wonder about the identity of the notebook. Picking up a large amount of archival material, it became clear that a man by the name of Michael Mihelevich Blyakherhe still in Dnipropetrovsk, after the war. According to some sources he had come from Leningrad, on the other - from Odessa. Michael, or as it was called loving friends - Bat, believed to have been semi-criminal authority, "sticking to the bottom" in the Dnieper River. He was engaged in commerce, and worked at a vegetable warehouse manager, and in his spare time liked to develop the simplest culinary specialties.

Specially cooked potatoes in their jackets with bacon and garlic, fried with onions and some other meals, recipes which have been found in notebook mice we use in our restaurant menu......more


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