Sunday, December 26, 2010

Retail Interior | ANTEPRIMAherbis Osaka | Japan By Yuko Nagayama Associates

ANTEPRIMAherbis Osaka
date: 2008.06 - 2008.11
for: shop
at: Osaka
size: 47 m2

ANTEPRIMA Osaka shop's condition of the place was considerably different from the Roppongi shop. It will access the shop from a longer and slender of the side. Maintaining the concept of Roppongi,the motif and the taste,it is considerable that create difference the space production. This bag was used as a visual image into line with the walls of the gradient.Born in the sticky wall brightness gradient effect on the space feel brighter around the entrance to the right counter.The filter is provided on the facade and fluffy as it will fog layers of stainless steel mesh.Somehow, you can see from outside the walls of the gradient the movement of people through the filter........more


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