Monday, January 31, 2011

Condesa df Interior Design | Mexico City | India Mahdavi

In Mexico, Condesa df, is the district going up.
It feels a new energy, business and bohemia. Its Art Nouveau facades, bustling streets and pleasant, green space, keeping a romantic feel. Tina Modotti and Edward Weston, two mythical 20s, do not they are the emblem?
But the charm of Condesa df combines past and future. Recently, bars, artist studios, galleries, restaurants flourish in this exclusive perimeter.
The urban adventure Condesa df is still in its infancy.
Hence the quality of air exciting the attraction of this center conveniently located off the main arteries.
Named after the neighborhood and inspired by him, a hotel with forty rooms opens Condesa df. Located at the intersection of streets airy, facing the lush park Espana, the building is an elegant Parisian style building dated 1928.
Three years of work were needed to completely hollow and restructure the old apartment complex. It was worth the wait. For a drink or a few nights, the Hotel Condesa df is now the place to see and be seen in Mexico.
Innovative and fully integrated into local life, Condesa df would have been possible without the synergy of international talent that participated in its realization. Parisian India Mahdavi, "hot-name" interior architecture, designed the space planning and decorating.
The American Jonathan Morr, leader of the New York-taste "the imagined pleasures of the table. Helena Ishbiah, renowned graphic designer, has invented his visual identification.
The origin and the implementation of the project rests with Mexican Carlos Couturier and Moises Micha SMEK, young partners of Hotel Habita in Mexico City. Condesa df exudes modernity.
The hotel grows at its height the codes for a new chic, informal and relaxed, showing a "me" said. Punctuating the space, the classic-contemporary furnishings created by India Mahdavi sets the tone: at once simple and glamorous, neutral and pop.
The atmosphere is on the wire always unexpected. The bar in the boudoir, the restaurant at the nightclub, the patio at La Terrazza, Condesa df, offers its guests a concentrated experience.

Enjoy the succession of moments, quiet or fun, is it not the essence of modern life?.......more


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