Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Restaurant Interior | Ovni Restaurant | Barcelona | AV62 Arquitectos

It was to make a fast food restaurant, based on buffet of salads and pasta or pizza where you can eat for 5 euros. A quick but quality food and little manipulation. It was essential to give an idea of the highest quality and hygiene does not mask the price advantage. The option price is a clear claim to the public, but forces you to think in a room providing a rapid turnover of diners. In the entrance floor houses the bar buffet with a rotating container which allows access to different foods quickly and in a small space, making useful the two sides of the bar. On this floor is a bar with stools and a table space. In the basement are also placed tables and try to improve the conditions of a priori most inhospitable space as above with the contribution of natural light through a skylight placed in the local access......more


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