Friday, January 7, 2011

Salon Interior Design | Group's flagship salon Sanitec Kolo | Krakow | Poland | A+D Architektura

Group's flagship salon Sanitec Kolo

Sanitec Kolo Group invited studio A + D to collaborate on the development concept to showrooms. In June 2009, in Krakow, on the surface of 850 m2 opened the largest exhibition hall in Poland, Sanitec Kolo Group on projects interiors and furniture, and coordinating the entire construction process.

Our main initial assumptions for the project are:
- Reduction of decorative elements in order to focus attention on the product and logical exposition of the various product lines
- Facilitation of individual clients and interior designers to become familiar with the nature of the product through the creation of the inspirational
- Creating an ideal place for meetings with designers and architects in a specially arranged area Bar-Spa.

Distinguishing features of the living room among others.:
- An unusual form of display products - carefully grouped, highlighted and contrasted with the background
- An impressive arrangement of space with the simplest of means and materials in the form of, among others. eighty apertures materials, concrete circle with a height of 3.60 m and a diameter of 17 meters, the floor with great texture and a dominant share of large areas of natural wood
- Dozens of bathrooms decorated in different climates, reflecting the nature of the product line groups Sanitec Kolo and directed to different target customer groups
- Concern for the comfort of members living in each zone (customers, employees, accompanying persons).
Designed by our living room has gained a reputation for the best point of the group's flagship Sanitec Kolo in Poland........more


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