Monday, April 18, 2011

Office Interior Design | Gound Zero | Marina del Rey | California | Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Ground Zero, founded in 1994, has quickly risen in the ranks of corporate branding with unique advertising spots for ESPN2, Porsche, Virgin Group, CitySearch, Activision, Bijan, and Daewoo Motors.
“We want to discover the soul, the essence of a brand.” Ground Zero Managing Partner, Jim Smith
The architects embraced this idea for designing Ground Zero’s headquarters in a vein that reflects the agency’s unique vision, rapid growth, and expanding services, as well as its evolving style.

The interior features a processionary, 9.5 foot high ramp leading down from the elevated second-floor glass-enclosed entryway. As guests, clients, and staff make their way down the ramp, and through the entire length of the working “hall,” they are exposed to an ever-changing palette of the agency’s work projected on a series of theatrical scrims spanning the width of the space. The “soul of the creative machine” is revealed to all that enter the agency. The reception area is at the end of the ramp, at the back of the building, reinforcing Ground Zero’s inverted “business as usual” attitude.....more


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