Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cafetaria Interior Design | Kirschgarten Mensa | Basel | Switzerland | HHF Architects

The purpose of the project was to integrate a cafeteria into the existing lobby of a high school building. Wood strips are installed on top of the existing concrete floor and wall structure extending out to the courtyard like ribbons. The wood strips are simultaneously serving as a sun screen covering the terrace, where students sit and eat their lunch. The new wood construction now links the exterior to the interior enabling direct access from the courtyard.

On the interior the wood facing traces the existing concrete structure. A glass facade which almost disappears from the outside works as thermal barrier. With that, the outer appearance of the building, with its slim columns, is kept as before. The color concept with its different shades of grey was done in collaboration with the Swiss artist Gido Wiederkehr.....more


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