Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hotel Interior Design | The Green Hotel | New York | Incorporated

For the customer of this 160 room hotel, good design means service, ease, flexibility, high performance, convenience and efficiency. This customer is neither a trend follower nor a trend maker, but a thoughtful editor of their life. They work and live hard. They are focused on staying active, eating well and keeping their spirit young. They value experiences more than things and if they had to chose, they would rather travel to an incredible place than buy another pair of Prada shoes. They believe in understated prosperity. Most importantly they want their cake and to share it too. They enjoy the benefits of hard work and care deeply that others benefit from their good fortune. This new brand will be grounded in the following four concepts. Up cycle Luxury. The highest quality luxury products generate the most benefit to all involved in their production, trade and consumption. Their quality isn’t just about trendy eco materials. It’s also about longevity. .....more


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