Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ophthalmologist Clinic Interior Design | Japan | KTX

Floor Layout Plan

This is an ophthalmologist clinic located within commercial facilities adjacent to a station. Doctor Sekimukai who opened this private practice was skilled at ophthalmic surgery. With the goal of putting these skills on display in a way that was easy to understand for both existing patients and potential clients, he positioned the glass-walled operating theater facing a shared passageway of the commercial facilities in question. This left a strong impression on both patients visiting the clinic as well as customers walking along the corridor that “Here was an eye doctor who was accomplished at surgery,” thereby reinforcing people’s expectations of his high medical skills. Moreover, by making the operating theater visible, which was both bright and hygienic, this served to dispel people’s anxiety regarding surgery and instill in them a sense of comfort. Within just five months of going into private practice, the clinic was inundated with bookings for surgery and the ophthalmologist clinic has developed such an excellent reputation that they have had to adjust clinic hours in order to increase the number of surgery days.....more


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