Thursday, October 7, 2010

Restaurant Interior Design | Japanese Restaurant,Odessa, Ukraine By Belenko

Restaurant of Japanese cuisine "Kobe" (was designed as an alternative to another Japanese restaraunt that has already worked for 10 years in the same place). The new interior is eclectic and combines both European and japanese cultural elements. In a rather small (100 square meters) restaraunt hall a lot of frescoes in Renaissance style go with the modern equipment and lamps adding the industrial touch to the design.
Warm colours and cosy furniture usual for European customers while deliberate coldness and brutality of industrial elements indicate their Japanese origin. The furniture and wall-paiting are worked out and made by specialists of "belenko!" bureau. The restaurant "Kobe" won the contest "Golden Arch" 2008 in the nomination "Public Interior" as well as the contest "Inter Year 2008" in nomination "Restaurant Interior...more


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