Friday, October 22, 2010

Restaurant Interior Design | Lumiere, Cuisine Restaurant By WKDA

The proposed design is for one of Hong Kong’s most luxurious and high end restaurant at the IFC mall. In response to the long circulation, the design proposed a series of dynamic sculptural responses to encourage and direct circulation at certain critical junctions. The swooping motions of the wooden curve pieces suggest and encourage and discovery within the corridor spaces, at the same time not to overwhelm the existing renovation work which was requested by the client to be kept. The pieces act as mediation at the front French window, providing privacy and permeability concurrently......more

WKDA is Hong Kong-based architecture practice led by principal Michael Wing C Kwok. We are a registered architectural practice with the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, with a team comprised of professional architects, interior designers and surveyors. Our work’s focus is in alterations and additions works, renovations and rehabilitation, and interior design. 

We operate as an open-minded design studio emphasizing critical thinking, design intuitions and open communications. Creativity, imagination and free thinking are center to our values. Critical thinking helps substantiate the work we produce, and provoke positive responses. Through a creative, innovative and cross-disciplinary design approach, we aim to build works that speak of our values, and embody a spirit that communicates. This spirit is reflected in our office’s culture, and make up of energetic and entrepreneurial minded individuals. WKDA seizes every opportunity to explore the peculiarities in every given project, offering wide ranging solutions.


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