Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salon Interior Design | Mizu Salon, Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Boston | Niall McLaughlin Architects

Mizu Salon is in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Boston, facing onto the Arcade and Gardens beyond.

The key design issue is the comfort and wellbeing of each customer. This is an environment that is calm and uplifting. A customer should leave the salon feeling nurtured.

Soft spaces are created through strategic reflective lighting, light boxes and soffits. The cool colour temperature creates a sense of calm and cleansing whist warm gold colours introduce a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

An arcaded passageway extends along the glass shop window. It leads from reception to hair cutting, dyeing and colour dispensary. This passageway makes a sculptural form when seen from the mall. It acts as a screen, making the cutting room a protected inner sanctum.

The simple vaulted cutting room is animated by repeating cuts in the soffit, which open into brightly lit spaces. When you lie back at your basin, you gaze on the ceiling's beautiful geometry....more


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