Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hotel Interior Design | Duomo Hotel | Rimini, Italy Designed By Ron Arad

Opened in May 2006, duoMo hotel is the inaugural hotel project from the internationally renowned architect and designer, Ron Arad. This Much anticipated launch sees the use of alternative Materials, bright colours and unusual shapes to produce a hotel that reverses design expectations to create an overall experience that is both futuristic and exciting.

"What would please Me Most in a hotel is not soMeone else's idea of chic,elegance of style, but rather coMfort, clarity and ease of access to inforMation, entertainMent and aMbience." Ron Arad

Arriving to the hotel, guests pass through giant pinball flipper doors and walk towards the stunning stainless steel ring that forms the reception desk.

The duoMo hotel existed in the historic centre of riMini - one of italy's established seaside resorts - unchanged for Many year until 2003 when ron arad associates were asked to redesign it as way to address the changing deMand area and attract a younger clientele.

The bar itself is a large island with fjord-like scoops routered out of it for the patrons to eat and drink at. the bar top is forMed in Mild steel and its sides are finished in Mirror polished stainless steel, creating distorted reflections which highlight the activity in the bar. in suMMer three glass roller shutters at ground floor disappear into the façade opening the bar up to the street....more


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