Friday, November 26, 2010

Museum Interior Design | Leme Gallery | Metro

The main question that led the development of the project of this 5000 sq ft (500 m²) building was how to conciliate a space to hold exhibitions of contemporary art, with the necessary large wall area, high ceilings and natural light, all in a very compact volume. The infra-structure [circulation and services] is concentrated in a lateral strip which serves the exhibition room and the two administrative rooms, which are imbricated in a way that allows the entrance of zenithal light to every space. Built with reinforced concrete, all the planes that create the spaces - walls, floors or inclined planes, with a simple geometry, have the same thickness:15 cm..... more

Date of project:2003
Completion of construction:2004
Architectural design:
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Martin Corullon, Anna Ferrari e Gustavo Cedroni [colaboradores]
Area of site: 4467 sq ft (415m²)
Construction area: 4305 sq ft (400m²)
Structural design: Cia. de Projetos – Eng. Heloisa Maringoni
Installations: Etip projetos de engenharia s/c ltda
Construction: João Costa Monteiro da Gama
Landscaping:BONSAI paisagismo Ricardo Vianna
Lighting design:REKA


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