Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Millenium Tower Designer Showcase | Butler Armsden

This library was designed by Reba Jones for the 2009 Millennium Tower "Icons of Design" benefit designer showcase. The architectural goal was to reinterpret the meaning and function of a library for the twenty first century. Lucite bookshelves line the long wall of the room and display art reference the ‘historical’ applications of books and literature. A row of paper along the bottom shelf appears to be ready for use, or perhaps recycling due to its obsolescence, one is not sure. A Lucite chair and stone writing desk provide a workspace facing the view while a chaise and side table are available for relaxation. Projected on the wall is a continuous series of images celebrating writers and their work.
Similar detailing and elevation treatment allow the Lucite shelves and window wall to merge and overlap blurring the intersection of view and display......more


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