Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Restaurant Interior Design at Young & Rubicam en Group M | Amsterdam Designed By +31 Architects

Client:Young & Rubicam en Group M
Architect:J. Houwert i.s.m.,M. van der Zwan,P. van der Pot
Building contractor:Keijsers Interieurprojecten
Photographer:Iwan Baan

 In a building that accommodates several advertising offices a restaurant was needed that could be used by employees, clients and relations. A former storage has been transformed into a restaurant with a capacity off more than 100 people at a time. It accommodates a kitchen, bar, coffee-corner, reading table, dart lane and a soccer table. The red seats that are placed in a recess off the wall and decorated with advertisement posters are a remarkable addition. These intimate seats are now well-known as “love seats”.

The coffee corner is separated from the open area by three non-transportable ‘booths’. To have more flexibility of use in the open space some transportable ‘booths’ are added. They divide the space when it is used as a restaurant. During informal parties and presentations they can be moved to the sides.

A wall in de middle of the walking area obstructs the view to the counter and the kitchen area. This wall can be used for video projection. To emphasize the function of the kitchen the tiles of the rear wall are printed with large sections of vegetables.

Instead of the modular ceiling of the former storage unique ceiling armatures were developed. Beside the control of the general lighting it simultaneously controls an air-conditioning system.....more


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