Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bar Interior Design | Bar Left | Lisbon Portugal | Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena

The intervention in the old warehouse from the early twentieth century for the installation of a coffee bar focuses on valuing the proportions of the existing space (5mx 5m x 18m). The project is built as an open tube system to Largo Vitorino Damasio enabling a direct relationship between interior and exterior, causing the events that take place in the coffee bar to public space and transporting the motion of the inner city.

The formal choices translate into a reduction of elements and materials in order to appreciate the moments of enjoyment indoors: a black box as an input filter, a steel bench that is a memory and other tight spaces and long counter in corian white as the centerpiece of movement and stays. The toilets and stairs (for access to the mezzanine) in dark red are also of an abstract presence of ambiguity by its scale and function. Artificial light is the main element of manipulation of environments that allow the continuing transformation of the environment and the transition between day and night.....more


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